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.60 Caliber Reviews [view details]

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"About what expected for $19.95"
First of all I know you can't expect a 97 rated cigar for $19.95. Bought 2 bundles, .60 Caliber and Lothsome Hogg. The only real issue that I have is the ring gauge. These cigars are not 50X, The length is right but I would say they are a 47 at best. They do not burn well, most have wrapper splits and cracks. Mild, not much flavor at all. I do not like a cigar that I have to keep on lighting, especially on the golf course. Like I said what do you want for twenty bucks. Famous has better cigars in their name brand cheapies. Was worth a try. This review goes for both cigar bundles.
Ronald in San Antonio, Texas May 10, 2013
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