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262 Ideology Box Pressed Toro Reviews [view details]

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"A Weighty Worth While Stick"
The first thing I noticed was this cigar has some weight to it. It lit easily, draws nicely. The construction was flawless. The taste, I found to go from mild to medium especially at the nub. It would stay lit even after 4 minutes of down time. The only thing against this cigar was an uneven burn which required me to turn the stick occasionally. Overall, a very nice cigar for the price.
Bobby K in Huntington, New York June 25, 2014
"I like the Rosado taste"
Had a free stick sent to me and i had to try a 5 pack after. Really good construction, nice oily wrapper, good burn and ash. You won t taste the rosado until about the 6th or 7th puff but it comes in smooth and creamy!! Tastes great with a sweet dessert!!!
Mike R. in Charlotte, NC June 4, 2014
"Quite Good"
A free sample stick thanks, Famous! and a pleasant surprise. Mild barnyard scent before clipping, but the first several cold draws frightened me: tasted like spray paint propellant no joke . Lit up easily and first few draws had an intense creme brulee flavor, followed by leather, wood, and pepper. Mellowed down to a nice leather and wood flavor for the remainder of the smoke, which was very smooth and enjoyable. What a wild ride. A strange start, but then a smooth rosado wood smoke afterwards. Worth trying if you like Rosado wrappers.
Professor Clark in Georgetown, KY April 25, 2014
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