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262 Ideology Box Pressed Toro
"A Weighty Worth While Stick"
The first thing I noticed was this cigar has some weight to it. It lit easily, draws nicely. The construction was flawless. The taste, I found to go from mild to medium especially at the nub. It would stay lit even after 4 minutes of down time. The only thing against this cigar was an uneven burn which required me to turn the stick occasionally. Overall, a very nice cigar for the price.
Bobby K in Huntington, New York June 25, 2014
262 Ideology Box Pressed Toro
"I like the Rosado taste"
Had a free stick sent to me and i had to try a 5 pack after. Really good construction, nice oily wrapper, good burn and ash. You won t taste the rosado until about the 6th or 7th puff but it comes in smooth and creamy!! Tastes great with a sweet dessert!!!
Mike R. in Charlotte, NC June 4, 2014
262 Ideology Robusto
"wouldn t have another"
this is one of the worst cigars I have ever smoked. I wanted to put it down from the second I lit it, however smoked it to see of to would get any better, but it got worse, poorly made, with massive squishy spot just under the band. This left a bitter foul taste in my mouth, and tasted of dry tobacco and burned caramel. it was in the same humidor as my other, nice cigars.
Douglas in New Zealand May 18, 2014
262 Ideology Box Pressed Toro
"Quite Good"
A free sample stick thanks, Famous! and a pleasant surprise. Mild barnyard scent before clipping, but the first several cold draws frightened me: tasted like spray paint propellant no joke . Lit up easily and first few draws had an intense creme brulee flavor, followed by leather, wood, and pepper. Mellowed down to a nice leather and wood flavor for the remainder of the smoke, which was very smooth and enjoyable. What a wild ride. A strange start, but then a smooth rosado wood smoke afterwards. Worth trying if you like Rosado wrappers.
Professor Clark in Georgetown, KY April 25, 2014
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