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3 Cigar Crocodile Humidor Tube Reviews [view details]

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I like this as a travel humidor. It keeps my sticks safe and actually keeps a very good seal. my sticks always come out with the perfect amount of moisture in them. I like medium sized gauges so I can fit 4 sticks in it but if I had a larger stick in there, i would only fit 3. Overall great product.
Ben in Nashville February 11, 2014
"3 max 48 or up.Hydrometer is a waste."
Strong and does well on short trips of three days or less.
Dane in East Tn. February 13, 2013
"Impressed so far"
I was not sure what to expect when I order this unit from the monster but I was impressed when it arrived. No need to worry about crushed cigars, this thing is sturdy. No cedar inside but I only intend to use it for trips. I have not used yet but I don't see any potential problems.
Don in South Carolina March 27, 2011