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3x3 Tubo By Davidoff Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Fine Cigar"
Super fine cigar for the money. Burns good; taste is great; looks like a $10 cigar and the tubes are very handy. If I don't have time to smoke the whole thing, then I just drop it back in the tube lit and it will go out on its own. You can do this several times and it still comes back tasting good within a few draws of relighting.
James in Gurley, AL August 22, 2014
"Great Value,Pleasing cigar!"
Best cigar I've tried at a great price! A great smoke that wont leave you broke! I always try different cigars but I always come back to my 3X3's.
in August 15, 2014
I tried my first bundle of 3x3's, and like them. Smooth, good burn and easy draw. I would have no trouble buying these again.
Jim in Minneaota July 11, 2014
"3x3 s are excellent"
I ve been smoking these for several years. I ve been told they are seconds from the Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic. I m not sure that they are seconds but they are apparently from the Davidoff factory. I ve tried Davidoff s and I can t tell the difference ... except for the price. I like them because they are mild, don t leave a bad aftertaste, and they don t kick my butt. If you re into strong, dark Macaudo type tobacco these aren t for you. But if you re a Connecticut broadleaf fan you ll love these. Just don t buy all of them. They re getting harder to find.
Frank Whidden in Grand Junction, CO December 13, 2013
"Nice Experience"
Some stores in Seoul sold it and I tried it. Then I started to like it. This 3X3 Davidoff Robusto is better than others in the store.
Jeyvim Kim in South Korea November 29, 2013
"Poor tasting cigar"
Burned good, good draw, just didn't taste good, giving the others away
Glenn H in Texas July 28, 2013
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10 Consistency (91) 100
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10 Taste (85) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
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