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4 Cigar Crystal Ashtray Reviews [view details]

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"Classy, a bit small"
Pros: For starters, it's gorgeous. Crystal with diamond-esque cuts in it that make it look nicer than it appears in the (fairly crap) picture online. Decent bit of weight too - definitely not ever going to be effected by wind. Cigar balance points are nice and wide, no worry about a stick falling forwards/backwards. The actual ash tray portion edges are 90 degree and perfect for rolling ash off. Meh: The ash tray itself is only about an inch deep, maybe 6" diameter. Plenty to hold one session's worth of ash, but you'll be emptying it between uses for sure. Also the fairly shallow edges might send ashes flying with a nice gust of wind, but (fortunately) I haven't experienced such a mishap yet. Con: Sure it has four holders, but I don't know how you'd ever use all four simultaneously. The four cigar cuts are directly across from the others, and because the tray itself isn't particularly wide... well, just look at this picture. So there it is. I'm happy with it for what it is and what it cost (looks and feels much nicer than $12 or whatever it was), but if I were buying again, I might go for something with offset cigar grooves so more than one person had a place to rest their stick.
Bill in Pittsburgh, PA June 21, 2013