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6 Pack Samplers Reviews

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Full Body 6 Pack #5 (3x2)
"Comacho 3x Maduro = Wicked Stick"
Bought 2 of these 3x Maduro in a sampler and stored for 45 days in humidor to savor just before a great event. Very tight construction and great triple cap. Guillotined through 2 caps all the way to shoulder, almost full ring guage. Pre-draw scent is a knock-out, a rich, maduro heavyweight. Draw was very tight and had to re-light 2x. Very strong and flavor consistent, but not real complex. Earth, leather, and white pepper. Very faint sweetness in middle 1/3, and finally mellowed a bit in last 1/3--though admittedly, my palate may be been mostly numb by this point. This is a powerhouse and will kick your butt. I like a med-full strength stick, but this is a pleasure I will seek maybe 1-2x per year. Special beast. Wished for more flavor complexity, will test in 2nd stick or a box purchase in the future.
Coe85 in Chicago Burbs January 14, 2015
Tatuaje 6 Pack #1 (3x2)
"The Picture is Correct, Description is wront"
Be advised if you purchase this they will send you what is in the picture, which includes two Cabaiguan, not two Habana Nobles VI.
Andrew July 11, 2014
Oscuro 6 Pack #2 (3x2)
"4 our of 6"
The Sancho Panza is mellow, the PDR rough, and the Los Blancos quite great.
Stefan November 22, 2013
Brazilian 6 Pack #1 (3x2)
"Very nice"
Sampler is very good although I'm am getting more impressed with CAO every time i have one. They are better than nub and i really like nub.
Don in Paw Paw, mi September 30, 2013
Brazilian 6 Pack #4 (3x2)
"My 2x Test."
I have ordered this great pack of 6 cigars twice. I have found that the Kristoff's are my all time favorites. The taste is AMAZING. I plan to order them alone.
Lizette Morehead September 26, 2013
Dominican 6 Pack #3 (3x2)
"Great Deal for Premium Smokes"
These are 3 excellent smokes for a very good price.
C J Campisi in New York August 3, 2013
Corojo 6 Pack #5 (3x2)
"A treat"
I bought this to grab a hold of the Punch special editions without having to buy a box. I have been indifferent to the AB before but that gave me a chance to throw these two in the back of my box for a couple of months and even they turned out great. The RPs were FAR better than I had anticipated as well.Recommended.
Lenape in New York October 17, 2012
Coffee 6 Pack #2 (3x2)
"Somewhat disappointed"
received coffee 6 pack. So far, only questionable stick is the SoloCafe. Too mild & very little taste. Will stick with Isla del Sol.
chris s in florida March 23, 2012
Criollo 6 Pack #1 (3x2)
The Kristoff, was an amazing cigar I smoked. Loved it. Will be buying it pack of 5.. The box is expensive and cannot not afford it. Alec Bradley did not live up to expectaion as I was hoping for. Perdomo was dry, had to keep lighting it over and over... Perdomo owe's me a box of match.. never smoking that again...
Terry S in Miami Lakes March 17, 2012
Cameroon 6 Pack #1 (3x2)
"Good, but buy on sale"
Good if you haven't tried the Hemingway or these Cohiba's. The Nub's aren't worth it in general, just a mediocre cigar overall, but the Hemingway and Cohiba are both good cigars. The Hemingway is one of my top cigars. Good sampler, but buy it on sale.
Ben in New York March 11, 2012
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