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"Delicious... 1 of 2"
Smoked one, couldnt believe the flavor. Went online and read the reviews and agreed with them. I smoked another...and the flavor and cigar was completely different.
Guy in NY May 15, 2014
"Okay but..."
This is a great tasting cigar. Burn was TERRIBLE. It's been in my humi for about 6 months. Could not keep it lit and it tunneled badly. Tired of constantly puffing, let it go out about 1/2 way thru. Shame, as the flavour was top notch.
Bill in Windsor, ON Can April 15, 2013
"Reviews are way over rated"
For the price this is a harsh almost tasteless cigar, look elsewhere.
eric in NJ May 15, 2012
"Good, but..."
Got a five-pack from here in Jan; everyone says how good it is, but I'm feeling nothing. Time goes by, and as of yesterday, the last of the five, two months old, seemed the cigar to light, and NOW I know why everyone ranted & raved. I'm not usually one to buy something that needs two months to be even smokeable, but if I were, I'd get ten of these & store them until July 4th. They'd then be a great cigar.
Barak in Sunny Miami Beach March 27, 2012
"Not on the same league as Padron"
These are not that great. Bitter tabbaco with a weak hint of sweetness and a finishing zing on the tongue. That is it. Whoever said these are Padron slayers must of been smoking crack along with the 601. These are not even in the same league. Save your money.
Oscar in Chicago, IL March 1, 2012
"One of the best cigars!"
A great cigar, tremendous flavor, smooth taste. My favorite cigar!
Jim S in Tucson, AZ November 20, 2011
A Padron slayer. More body more flavor, dark, rich bitter cocoa and espresso.
Edward in Michigan November 19, 2011
"Great Cigar"
Enjoying a 601 Blue label as I type. One of the best I have smoked. Top shelf cigar.
Alan G in Bucks County PA October 21, 2011
"Dont pass this one up"
Wow. I was really impressed with this one. Really nice sweet maduro flavor with subtle hints of chocolate. Whoever rolled this cigar really knew what they were doing. The burn was great, the construction was great and the smoke was unusually cool up until the band. It's an extremely relaxing smoke that takes the edge off at the end of a hard days work.
Jamie J in Michigan August 26, 2011
Just bought a slew of five packs and without any time in my humidor the 601 and Kristoff Maduro's are the top smokes. I generally smoke one of each five pack right away and age the others. I think Kristoff might be a tad overpriced as they are very much like the La Perla Habana Black Pearls but humidor time might change that opinion. The 601 is a great cigar straight up and aging just may take it to being awesome.
Edward Roth in Michigan July 28, 2011
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