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"Let them age"
I agree with last reviewer,took one right out of the bag and tried it....not to impressed.I let them age in my humidor for 2 weeks and what a change,real smooth with nutty and creamy undertones with a cocoa after taste towards the last third of the cigar. A staple in my humidor rotation.
Rob in Illinois January 26, 2012
"Let them sit for awhile"
I won these at an auction and fired one up as soon as I received them. Man was I disappointed. The thing tasted just like dirt. I placed the remainder in the humi and let them sit for a couple of weeks and .... WOW, WHAT A GREAT SMOKE. Lots of smoke, smooth taste and an even burn. Go ahead and get yourself some but, LET THEM SIT FOR AT LEAST A COUPLE OF WEEKS. You'll be glad you did.
Mick in Atlanta April 11, 2011
"One of the best"
Very good smoke! Excellent construction, smooth draw, and even burn. Sweet smoke, with a creamy taste.
Bobby in Nc February 17, 2011
Got myself a 5 pack to sample. Given the hype and the price, I expected much, much better. Decent cigar for maybe half the price. I love DPG cigars, so this was disappointed. Not full flavor at all. A very beautiful cigar to look at, which only added to the let down in taste and construction.
Brent in Bismarck ND April 18, 2010
"Surprisingly Good"
I was impressed with this smoke. First time I smoked it and the taste was great... I prefer a full bodied smoke and this delivered. It is well constructed and can hold a great ash. The ending was a bit rough because my tip was wet but other than that I'm a fan. I will order a box today.
Eric in Los angeles, CA February 27, 2010
"One Word: Disgusting"
Sorry guys, and I know all tastes are personal, BUT out of the wrapper, this stick looks like dirt, feels like dirt, and tastes like dirt. It was harsh from the moment I placed it in my mouth all the way through the first 2 inches until it got snubbed. The Green and Red are fine cigars but the Blue?...never again.
HammerheadSSN663 in Fairfax VA July 28, 2009
"not a very good cigar"
just because the 601 greens are unbelievable, dont fall into the trap thinking that the 601 blues will be just as good. they are not....
james in cranberry twp October 12, 2008
"Starts smooth & flavorful, ends a little bitter"
I really like the first half of this cigar. Full of flavor and medium body but as it strengthens in the back half of the cigar it turns a bit bitter for my taste. I love full flavored cigars but I want them to maintain their flavor to the end. I don't think this one does.
btg in Michigan July 25, 2008
"Great smoke!"
I had one of these last night and was blown away. It required no relights or touch ups. When it started to run a little bit it corrected itself. Flavor was excellent from start to finish. It was so good that I went to the local cigar shop and picked up almost a whole box on clearance at $5 a stick which is an absolute steal.
S. Newsense in Baltimore, MD November 21, 2007
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