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601 Green Label Oscuro Reviews

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601 Green Label Corona
I ve purchased around seven boxes of 601 green label cigars and this one takes the prize. The cigar sports a wonderful toothy wrapper and this vitiola really brings out the essence of it. This cigar is strong flavored and it ages well. I have a couple of boxes that are over four years old the date was written on the inside of the lid and let me tell you, the cigars are smoking wonderfully. They are nice when they are younger, but with a little rest they really get smooth and creamy. This cigar is not comparable to a Cubans, but when I want something that is cheap and packs a satisfying punch, I often reach for these. Goes well with coffee...
Anders in Minnesota May 1, 2014
601 Green Label Oscuro La Punta
"...on the ropes..."
A wonderful addition to my collection. I was looking for something different than a toro or robusto and came across the la punta. Well constructed, good pre-light flavour and good draw during smoking but this baby had me on the ropes half way down. A bit cross eyed, I slowed my draw down and continued to the nub. The flavour was strong but not bitter - sort of like heavy porto.
Joe from Ottawa in Ottawa Canada July 4, 2013
601 Green Label Oscuro La Punta
"Not For Me"
Over rated, harsh, blah taste...Just another so-so cigar.
John in Wisconsin July 1, 2013
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
Hard to get started and took a couple tries to keep in lit. Once it got going the burn was consistent. The first inch as harsh and I almost quit, then the taste mellowed out, but it hit another harsh point before mellowing back out. Hit another harsh spot near the end. Unless the ash is maintained on the end the burn was inconsistent. Draw was a little tight. Improved the taste of a good bourbon, but the bourbon doesn't improve the taste of the cigar.
Cal in Kentucky May 29, 2013
601 Green Label Oscuro La Punta
hold on to ur chair guys...this baby smells ,smokes ,and tasted as good as any ''cuban'' ...great smoke.
jaybow in phila. pa January 10, 2013
601 Green Label Oscuro Trabuco
"The best mistake I ever made!"
I prefer a full flavored smoke. I'd never tried a 601 and someone had suggested the Blue label 601. I bought these oscuro Green labels by mistake and have loved everyone of them. Easy draw, even burn all the way to the ring. Lots of smooth, rich, flavorful smoke. Never harsh, even at the end. When I have an hour to myself, this is my first choice. I will always have a box in my humidor!
El Jefe in Warre, PA December 10, 2012
601 Habano Oscuro (Green) Corona
"Practical Smoke"
The cigars are really good. It stays lit and will have you smoking until your finger burn. They are smaller then I was imagining. This is a plus. For the size of the cigar its really dense and tasteful. No construction flaws. I was chewing the end through the whole thing and barely any tobacco went in my mouth. Good grow, good wrap, good times.
LiQuiD FeAR in Alaska September 30, 2012
601 Green Label Oscuro Corona 5 Pk
"Not Greatb but!"
Well constructed some dark chocolate but more pepper. Not a lot of distinct flavor for a medium to full oscuro. Good but nor remarkable
Bert in United States July 13, 2012
601 Green Label Oscuro Trabuco
Draw too tight. Difficult to enjoy a cigar when the insides of your cheeks touch. I did enjoy those in the box that had a nice draw. Will not buy this size again.
Bnwink in Bismarck ND February 15, 2012
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"Enjoyable smoke"
This tronco habano corona was quite enjoyable - nice smoke filled with lots of flavor - construction, burn, draw all top quality. I even smoked the blunt one day later and still was full of great flavor without strong acidic taste! Definitely a keeper in the humi.
Jon in Indiana January 6, 2012
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