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601 Green Label Oscuro Reviews

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601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"Better Ones on Monster"
Not a huge fan of Pepin. Lots of hype for the man, but just average to me. If you want a richer maduro, try camacho, St. Luis Rey Serie G, CAO Brazilia and Rocky blends. This one is, meh... Rocky, Oliva Family of blends, Amilcar Castro Perez deserve hype to me. Pepin, not as much...
Brent P in Kirkland, WA October 29, 2011
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"Not the strongest in the 601 lineup"
I like most of the 601 lineup. I prefer strong full flavored cigars. This 601 green tronco is not the strongest of the 601 lineup, the 601 blue's and the green tronco's are. It's O.K. for a middle of the day cigar. Personally, I prefer the others in the 601 lineup. With all 601's, you have to leave the ash on and not completely knock it off or you will get an uneven burn. 601's are nice, strong, and have a peppery flavor. I am a fan of the 601's
BillW in Santa Fe, NM October 6, 2011
601 Green Label Oscuro La Fuerza 5 Pk
"Fantastic Stick"
Wow. I bought these based only on the rating and reviews I read and am sooooo happy I did. This stick is delicious every step of the way. Construction, draw and taste, its all there. Id put this smoke against any out there. I cant believe these dont get much attention. Instant Favorite. AMAZING STICK, DONT MISS OUT!
Scotty September 10, 2011
601 Habano Oscuro (Green) Corona
"Smokes way above its weight class"
Dense luscious smoke. Every one burns perfectly. Great rich taste keeps on giving. If you haven't had the pleasure, don't cheat yourself. You'll wonder how they ever managed to fit so many clowns in the little car.
Hamm in Pittsburgh August 16, 2011
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"Not bad...Not Good"
The two I smoked did not have a very good full flavor. Full body yes, but the flavor was just bland. Kind of a harsh smoke, and I didn't smoke it to hot!
Brandon in Kalamazoo Michigan July 19, 2011
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"Soild Stick"
Got this in the best of maduros pack a while back. One of the best burning cigars I have every had. Great construction, great look. Good full flavor. Definitely worth a try.
Patrick in Phoenix, AZ July 2, 2011
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"Eh, just okay."
Nice but not noteworthy. Kept it in humidor for 5 weeks. Burn was a little uneven but tolerable, draw was excellent. Biggest drawback was that taste was one-dimensional. Just wasn't for me.
Brian in Honolulu, HI February 1, 2011
601 Green Label Oscuro La Punta
"It'll get you drunk!"
This cigar is a go-to cigar for me. I love the strong flavors and maduro wrap. Always has a smooth pull. It will knock you back if you aren't careful.
Brian in Austin, TX October 28, 2010
601 Green Label Oscuro La Punta
I bought this cigar because of the good reviews. I was really disappointed. It lit nice but the taste was horrible and it started burning worse and worse the further along I got into it. By the last three inches the draw was really hard and the taste was extremely harsh. I would not purchase another one.
Nick in Muncie, IN October 17, 2010
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco 5 Pack
"Great smoke"
Another great blend by Don Pepin. Full bodied and full of complex flavors. An incredible deal at the price !
Quaker in Reading, Pa October 12, 2010
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