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601 Green Label Oscuro Reviews

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601 Habano Oscuro (Green) Corona
Talk about a shot a pepper and great consistency. If you are looking fora cigar that separates the men from the boys, this is it. Great complexity and superior construction.
Chris in USA September 7, 2010
601 Green Label Oscuro La Fuerza
"A must smoke cigar for all..."
Cream of the 601 line, blend and construction could not get any better, many flavors and surprizes in this stick and with age a whole new beast. Do yourself a favor and just get a few everyone should experience this wonderful smoke if only just once
Ken in Sammamish Washington August 17, 2010
601 Habano Oscuro (Green) Corona
"Best of the 601s"
The bigger vitolas are just a bit over the top, but the 601 Green Corona hits the sweet spot exactly on. Of all the 601s the Green Corona is at the top of my list, perfect burn every time, excellent construction and draw, each one is exactly like the last one. The last inch is heaven.
Eric in SoCal August 11, 2010
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"You'll Love it, if you love strong cigars"
This cigar is a full-bodied, deep in aroma and for fans of mild cigars, an overpowering smoke. If you love strong flavor (I do not), this is your smoke. It took me 2 days to get my taste buds recalibrated...
Mike F in Madison, Alabama May 29, 2010
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"Outstanding, pure smoke!"
From start to finish this cigar was perfect. Bold flavor but not bitter, left essence of chocolate and coffee on the tongue. Even burn throughout. Excellent spice notes. Probably not for the beginner. 92
Mike H in Indiana May 23, 2010
601 Green Label Oscuro La Punta
"Pepin... You did it again!"
I smoked one tonight for the first time and was floored. This cigar packs a strong punch and is very much full-bodied, it starts of great and ends very strong. A lot of smoke and a great taste. You will NOT be disappointed.... enjoy
Eric in Los Angeles March 3, 2010
601 Green Label Oscuro La Fuerza
"Very Enjoyable Smoke"
I have been smoking the 601 Habano Oscuro (Green) La Fuerza for a couple of years. I gladly pay the price of this truely remarkable cigars. They just keep on getting better and better while lying in my humidor. If i could only have one cigar this 601 would get strong consideration. Happy Smoking
James in Cranberry Twp PA December 14, 2009
601 Green Label Oscuro Trabuco
"WOW what a great cigar"
This is one outstanding cigar. Excellent taste, easy draw, even burn with tons of smoke. This bad boy is a joy to smoke. Like all great cigars they get better and better the longer you can keep them in your humidor. If you like a strong medium cigar you have to try this one...you won't be disappointed.
tommys in Fort Smith October 5, 2009
601 Green Label Oscuro Tronco
"My favorite Don Peppin"
This cigar is just sooooo good! It has been a long time since Ive gotten this excited about a cigar!! Just about perfect! Try and you will see! I smoked it down to the nub, and I rarely do that.
Jon in New Jersey March 11, 2009
601 Habano Oscuro (Green) Corona
I loved these. Great draw with a full flavor that rocks ya. Excellent smoke.
Roger in Orlando February 8, 2009
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