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601 Green Label Oscuro La Punta Reviews [view details]

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"...on the ropes..."
A wonderful addition to my collection. I was looking for something different than a toro or robusto and came across the la punta. Well constructed, good pre-light flavour and good draw during smoking but this baby had me on the ropes half way down. A bit cross eyed, I slowed my draw down and continued to the nub. The flavour was strong but not bitter - sort of like heavy porto.
Joe from Ottawa in Ottawa Canada July 4, 2013
"Not For Me"
Over rated, harsh, blah taste...Just another so-so cigar.
John in Wisconsin July 1, 2013
hold on to ur chair guys...this baby smells ,smokes ,and tasted as good as any ''cuban'' ...great smoke.
jaybow in phila. pa January 10, 2013
"It'll get you drunk!"
This cigar is a go-to cigar for me. I love the strong flavors and maduro wrap. Always has a smooth pull. It will knock you back if you aren't careful.
Brian in Austin, TX October 28, 2010
I bought this cigar because of the good reviews. I was really disappointed. It lit nice but the taste was horrible and it started burning worse and worse the further along I got into it. By the last three inches the draw was really hard and the taste was extremely harsh. I would not purchase another one.
Nick in Muncie, IN October 17, 2010
"Pepin... You did it again!"
I smoked one tonight for the first time and was floored. This cigar packs a strong punch and is very much full-bodied, it starts of great and ends very strong. A lot of smoke and a great taste. You will NOT be disappointed.... enjoy
Eric in Los Angeles March 3, 2010
"One and done!"
These are one of the most overhyped, overpowered yet somehow underflavored cigars out today. It'll knock your teeth down your throat with Nicotine but the flavor is very light, almost absent entirely! Definitely not worth the price of admission...like I said : ONE AND DONE.
Brian in Ft. Worth, TX November 19, 2008
"great cigar, cheaper at cigar place"
rolled by pepin, very strong and tasty
bill in canada August 25, 2008
I don't typically write reviews on this website, but after smoking this cigar I had to. This cigar is by far my favorite of the 601 lines and a slam dunk for Pepin. Elegant and well constructed, this cigar is delivering everything that I like about Pepin without the "slap yo in the face" power that many of his other lines demonstrate. A must try for any Pepin lover!
Michael M. in Denton, TX October 10, 2007
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