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I had probably 50 samplers in my humidor from Famous and just grab one randomly. I ve been through about 25 in the past couple of months with nothing memorable until now. Wow! What a smoke. Smooth, great flavor and draw. Well constructed - only slight negative was burn was a bit uneven but not by much. Overall a great smoke. I will be ordering more of these.
Dean in May 4, 2014
"If I made a cigar for myself it would be this"
Even living in Miami where I can try many cigars this is the best cigar I can recall I have ever smoked.
Gregg Rodier in Miami June 27, 2013
I smoked this cigar within one week of arrival. Deep dark oily wrapper with a good smell. Upon lighting it I was shocked at the awesome taste. I am not good at describing the taste of cigars but I would call this an oaky, leathery, chewy taste. About 1/3 into it the taste stayed similar but with a little peppery taste added. I loved it. Also I have never had a cigar burn this uniform before. I can't wait to taste one after a few months in the humidor.
Phil in Gainesville, GA February 22, 2013
"Best full body I've smoked this year."
Great cigar,caution do not smoke on an empty stomach.
Bob in Prospect Tn. February 8, 2013
If you like Nicaraguan....if you like ligero. Then this stick is for you!
Doug in Arkansas January 18, 2013
"No Brainer"
What a fantastic stix! Loads of creamy sweet tobac. Don't get me wrong, this thing is spice monster... an after dinner smoke.
George in Grosse Ile October 4, 2012
"My stranded on an island cigar"
If I could only have one cigar, the La Bomaba is it. Every vitola is bold and complex with superb construction and tons of smoke.
Mike H in Cincinnati September 26, 2012
I expected a full strength bomb, and I got one. From the light it was what I wanted; flavorful, strong, and not big on the pepper- which is usually what you get with full strength. The draw was just about right, no relights, and an even burn. Don Pepin...nice work, as usual. I will buy again, and recommend them to anyone needing a full body fix.
Cristo in ohio September 19, 2012
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