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"A Big Fat Yes"
Lots of smoke and flavor. This stick hit homers with me from start to finish. After a 5pk I am a big fan of this big cigar. I did not find a ligero I liked until 601 La Bomba.
Mr. Blues in Central MN June 4, 2014
"Good enough when you crave a strong smoke"
Lacking in flavor but easy smoking despite the high nicotine levels. 87 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 17, 2014
Not much flavor other than your typical Ligero, but it is mostly smooth, leaving a nice aftertaste of roasted almonds. Was consistent to the very end, so I wouldn't have any issues cutting these in half. Would be interested in trying the smaller sizes next.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 13, 2014
"Full, Strong, Delightful Smoke, You Have To Try it"
Great Cigar I recommend it to those looking for a strong flavorable smoke that will blow your socks off your feet with full ligero taste from start to finish. Must have for your humidor!
Dar in Tacoma, WA December 27, 2012
"Great smoke for seasoned smokers!!"
One of my favorites. Very strong from start to finish. Great after a meal with whiskey
Bobby in Ny ny December 19, 2012
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