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601 La Bomba Reviews

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601 La Bomba Warhead (Limited Edition Maduro)
"It is the best cigar I ve ever had in a long time"
This is just a great smoke. I had one of these and all I can say is that it is a MUST have in your humidor. I will try all 601 cigars for that reason. Very strong so if you are not experienced cigar smoker, don t try it, you will not appreciate it as much.
Dess in Naples, Fl January 21, 2014
601 La Bomba Atomic
Not much flavor other than your typical Ligero, but it is mostly smooth, leaving a nice aftertaste of roasted almonds. Was consistent to the very end, so I wouldn't have any issues cutting these in half. Would be interested in trying the smaller sizes next.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 13, 2014
601 La Bomba F-Bomb
"Is This Real?"
WOW !!! Picked one of these up thinking it was a novelty smoke, maybe just for fun. Well folks, this is the real deal. Good draw, burn, full flavored yumminess. Who would have thought? I dare you to try one of these, you'll never look back. No joke. 20 years of full flavor testing, this is the powerhouse.
Steve in NC September 9, 2013
601 La Bomba Atom
"If I made a cigar for myself it would be this"
Even living in Miami where I can try many cigars this is the best cigar I can recall I have ever smoked.
Gregg Rodier in Miami June 27, 2013
601 La Bomba Nuclear
"smooth and rich, strength is perfect!"
I was weary about buying this cigar, the name alone sounds like it will over power you. I gave in to temptation and I'm glad I did. Now I'm on my third box. Very smooth coffee and chocolate. Perfect smoke for relaxing after a long day
Chris in Orange County, NY June 17, 2013
601 La Bomba Atom
I smoked this cigar within one week of arrival. Deep dark oily wrapper with a good smell. Upon lighting it I was shocked at the awesome taste. I am not good at describing the taste of cigars but I would call this an oaky, leathery, chewy taste. About 1/3 into it the taste stayed similar but with a little peppery taste added. I loved it. Also I have never had a cigar burn this uniform before. I can't wait to taste one after a few months in the humidor.
Phil in Gainesville, GA February 22, 2013
601 La Bomba Atom
"Best full body I've smoked this year."
Great cigar,caution do not smoke on an empty stomach.
Bob in Prospect Tn. February 8, 2013
601 La Bomba Napalm
"One of my daily go to cigars. Very Solid !!!"
If you like a full bodied smoke you will find one no better. Very smooth, consistent and very well constructed. You guys out did yourself on this one. This is a must smoke!!!!
Steve in Hoover, AL February 8, 2013
601 La Bomba Atom
If you like Nicaraguan....if you like ligero. Then this stick is for you!
Doug in Arkansas January 18, 2013
601 La Bomba Napalm
"La Bomba Napalm ... tasty"
I had the 601 Blue Prominente during the AFC playoff game, then after a brief intermission to give my palate a rest, I followed it with the 601 La Bomba Napalm ... which was very good, and not too much following the blue. Both very rich cigars, smooooth, flavorful, burn well. My only beef are the mames in the La Bomba line, I think it's cool they come with a fuse coming from the cap longer than a pigtail, but the names indicate explosive materials which have done great harm to human beings. "Dynamite" would be better because that is normally used with things like blasting rock, etc. Napalm brings back ugly memories of the Vietnam War. Just a suggestion (I won't smoke cigars named after the devil either, don't want to glorify a being intent on the destruction of the human race.
S.P. in Northern Virginia January 13, 2013
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