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601 La Bomba Reviews

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601 La Bomba Napalm
"One of my daily go to cigars. Very Solid !!!"
If you like a full bodied smoke you will find one no better. Very smooth, consistent and very well constructed. You guys out did yourself on this one. This is a must smoke!!!!
Steve in Hoover, AL February 8, 2013
601 La Bomba Atom
If you like Nicaraguan....if you like ligero. Then this stick is for you!
Doug in Arkansas January 18, 2013
601 La Bomba Napalm
"La Bomba Napalm ... tasty"
I had the 601 Blue Prominente during the AFC playoff game, then after a brief intermission to give my palate a rest, I followed it with the 601 La Bomba Napalm ... which was very good, and not too much following the blue. Both very rich cigars, smooooth, flavorful, burn well. My only beef are the mames in the La Bomba line, I think it's cool they come with a fuse coming from the cap longer than a pigtail, but the names indicate explosive materials which have done great harm to human beings. "Dynamite" would be better because that is normally used with things like blasting rock, etc. Napalm brings back ugly memories of the Vietnam War. Just a suggestion (I won't smoke cigars named after the devil either, don't want to glorify a being intent on the destruction of the human race.
S.P. in Northern Virginia January 13, 2013
601 La Bomba Atomic
"Full, Strong, Delightful Smoke, You Have To Try it"
Great Cigar I recommend it to those looking for a strong flavorable smoke that will blow your socks off your feet with full ligero taste from start to finish. Must have for your humidor!
Dar in Tacoma, WA December 27, 2012
601 La Bomba Atomic
"Great smoke for seasoned smokers!!"
One of my favorites. Very strong from start to finish. Great after a meal with whiskey
Bobby in Ny ny December 19, 2012
601 La Bomba Atom
"No Brainer"
What a fantastic stix! Loads of creamy sweet tobac. Don't get me wrong, this thing is spice monster... an after dinner smoke.
George in Grosse Ile October 4, 2012
601 La Bomba Atom
"My stranded on an island cigar"
If I could only have one cigar, the La Bomaba is it. Every vitola is bold and complex with superb construction and tons of smoke.
Mike H in Cincinnati September 26, 2012
601 La Bomba Atom
I expected a full strength bomb, and I got one. From the light it was what I wanted; flavorful, strong, and not big on the pepper- which is usually what you get with full strength. The draw was just about right, no relights, and an even burn. Don Pepin...nice work, as usual. I will buy again, and recommend them to anyone needing a full body fix.
Cristo in ohio September 19, 2012
601 La Bomba Nuclear
"Deep, tasty, smooth & strong"
This a cigar for those who enjoy a very strong, but smooth smoke. The Nuclear is like smoking 2 cigars. Starts nice, goes deep, then ends like it started but better. Just wish it was a little less price wise.
Vince in South Florida February 1, 2012
601 La Bomba Napalm
"Look Out Now!"
The Garcias have done it again. What an incredible smoke. These people can really roll a cigar. Excellent draw, good burn, VERY FULL BODY, so look out. Surprisingly smooth for such a potent cigar. Better snag a few boxes before they catch on big and the price goes up.
Rick in Prairieville, Louisiana November 20, 2011
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