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601 La Bomba Napalm Reviews [view details]

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"Refined Beast"
Don't let the name or the scary imagery intimidate you. This IS a powerful cigar. But after opening with a peppery blast, it settles into a complex, full-bodied treat, loaded with dark fruit and syrupy sweet flavors. Pace yourself and enjoy!
Sean in Charleston, WV December 1, 2014
"So Very Good"
Great stick IMO this one had me at hello. Full flavor with hints of cocoa and a winner across the finish line.
Mr. Blues in Central MN June 4, 2014
"Medium-bodied chock full o nicotine"
Starts of just a little harsh, then becomes very smooth half an inch in. Mild-to-medium flavor profile of aged tobacco, smoke, and nuts. Unfortunately it s too soft on the palate to go with a strong cup of Joe -- too bad considering the high nicotine content of the Ligeros. Got bitter and nasty on the last third, about 40 minutes in. 90 points
Stefan in City by the Bay May 8, 2014
"One of my daily go to cigars. Very Solid !!!"
If you like a full bodied smoke you will find one no better. Very smooth, consistent and very well constructed. You guys out did yourself on this one. This is a must smoke!!!!
Steve in Hoover, AL February 8, 2013
"La Bomba Napalm ... tasty"
I had the 601 Blue Prominente during the AFC playoff game, then after a brief intermission to give my palate a rest, I followed it with the 601 La Bomba Napalm ... which was very good, and not too much following the blue. Both very rich cigars, smooooth, flavorful, burn well. My only beef are the mames in the La Bomba line, I think it's cool they come with a fuse coming from the cap longer than a pigtail, but the names indicate explosive materials which have done great harm to human beings. "Dynamite" would be better because that is normally used with things like blasting rock, etc. Napalm brings back ugly memories of the Vietnam War. Just a suggestion (I won't smoke cigars named after the devil either, don't want to glorify a being intent on the destruction of the human race.
S.P. in Northern Virginia January 13, 2013
"Look Out Now!"
The Garcias have done it again. What an incredible smoke. These people can really roll a cigar. Excellent draw, good burn, VERY FULL BODY, so look out. Surprisingly smooth for such a potent cigar. Better snag a few boxes before they catch on big and the price goes up.
Rick in Prairieville, Louisiana November 20, 2011
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