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601 Red Label Habano Reviews

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601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"Not for me."
Got this cigar as part of a sampler. Honestly, this is not a cigar I ll be ordering in the future. The taste is bland and dry. Furthermore, the wrapper split and began to fall off. This is not a $7 dollar cigar, in my opinion.
Tom in MN February 17, 2014
601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"Still on the fence"
I'm on my fourth stick and I still don't know what to think of these. I smoked the first one as soon as it arrived and thought the dark Habano flavor was too much. The second stick was a little better, and the third stick which I had dry boxed had a very tight draw so I peeled the wrapper off and found the last third quite enjoyable when the cedar flavors finally came through. This fourth stick had a very loose draw through a punch hole and smoked too hot. If anything, the common denominator seems to be that these reach their sweet spot past the half-point when the flavors become more balanced, and are best smoked very slowly. I think I'd like to try the smaller sizes next... 86-87 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 15, 2014
601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"A new go to favorite"
I would put this next to La Aroma De Cuba and Perdomo 20th ann. New staple in my humidor. Complex bouquet with a little spicyness and adequate smoke. Little construction issue, could have been somewhere in shipping or supply, end was mushroomed, but otherwise worthe every cent.
Mike M in Boise, ID January 13, 2014
601 Red Label Habano Torpedo
"Oh my!"
Love it, absolutely fantastic cigar in every way. I wake up thinking about these babies! Current stock is still EO Brands, I bought 3 boxes at once, what s that tell you?
Bob in Fredericksburg, Va November 17, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Torpedo
"Spiced Cinnamon Sweetness!"
A beautiful cigar. Construction & taste are wonderful, one of my top 5 torpedo's of all times.
Bob in Fredericksburg, Va November 17, 2013 September 1, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Churchill
"Still Great!"
I have loved these cigars since they came out some years back. Medium to full without being overly strong, spicy, a bit of pepper but not a lot, slightly sweet, delicious aroma, excellent construction with smooth draw and even burn. If you like RP Sun Grown, or the Edge (which I love), try this.
GLK in N. California August 30, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Toro
"Lacking In Flavor"
Not what I expected, can buy much better cigars for the same price. Think they need a long time in the humidor.
Bobby in MI July 7, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Torpedo
"My new favorite cigar!"
Couldn't wait to let them sit so I tried one right off. This is one fantastic cigar. Tastes great from initial light up right till the end. Nice even burn with a creamy taste!!
Dave Brown in Northern NY June 12, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"An average cigar"
Like most, I get samplers to try out arouse cigars. This one was a bit of a surprise. It smoked well after starting off a bit strong and overpowering. Once it settles it's good. I didn't rate it higher because of its price point. For the money, Oliva makes a finer cigar but that is jmo.
Paulo in Toronto, Canada July 23, 2012
601 Red Label Habano Robusto 5 Pk
"claygo check your humidor"
I dont know what Claygo from verona is smoking but he should check his humidor....have smoked hundreds of these and they are a very good cigar just like every other review states except for Claygo.....I have been smoking cigars for 38yrs and these have great draw decent taste good ash stay lit...no problems....always keep a few in one of my humidors....
Steven L in Toms River March 3, 2012
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