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601 Red Label Habano Reviews

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601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"Not for me."
Got this cigar as part of a sampler. Honestly, this is not a cigar I ll be ordering in the future. The taste is bland and dry. Furthermore, the wrapper split and began to fall off. This is not a $7 dollar cigar, in my opinion.
Tom in MN February 17, 2014
601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"Still on the fence"
I'm on my fourth stick and I still don't know what to think of these. I smoked the first one as soon as it arrived and thought the dark Habano flavor was too much. The second stick was a little better, and the third stick which I had dry boxed had a very tight draw so I peeled the wrapper off and found the last third quite enjoyable when the cedar flavors finally came through. This fourth stick had a very loose draw through a punch hole and smoked too hot. If anything, the common denominator seems to be that these reach their sweet spot past the half-point when the flavors become more balanced, and are best smoked very slowly. I think I'd like to try the smaller sizes next... 86-87 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 15, 2014
601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"A new go to favorite"
I would put this next to La Aroma De Cuba and Perdomo 20th ann. New staple in my humidor. Complex bouquet with a little spicyness and adequate smoke. Little construction issue, could have been somewhere in shipping or supply, end was mushroomed, but otherwise worthe every cent.
Mike M in Boise, ID January 13, 2014
601 Red Label Habano Torpedo
"Oh my!"
Love it, absolutely fantastic cigar in every way. I wake up thinking about these babies! Current stock is still EO Brands, I bought 3 boxes at once, what s that tell you?
Bob in Fredericksburg, Va November 17, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Torpedo
"Spiced Cinnamon Sweetness!"
A beautiful cigar. Construction & taste are wonderful, one of my top 5 torpedo's of all times.
Bob in Fredericksburg, Va November 17, 2013 September 1, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Churchill
"Still Great!"
I have loved these cigars since they came out some years back. Medium to full without being overly strong, spicy, a bit of pepper but not a lot, slightly sweet, delicious aroma, excellent construction with smooth draw and even burn. If you like RP Sun Grown, or the Edge (which I love), try this.
GLK in N. California August 30, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Toro
"Lacking In Flavor"
Not what I expected, can buy much better cigars for the same price. Think they need a long time in the humidor.
Bobby in MI July 7, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Torpedo
"My new favorite cigar!"
Couldn't wait to let them sit so I tried one right off. This is one fantastic cigar. Tastes great from initial light up right till the end. Nice even burn with a creamy taste!!
Dave Brown in Northern NY June 12, 2013
601 Red Label Habano Robusto
"An average cigar"
Like most, I get samplers to try out arouse cigars. This one was a bit of a surprise. It smoked well after starting off a bit strong and overpowering. Once it settles it's good. I didn't rate it higher because of its price point. For the money, Oliva makes a finer cigar but that is jmo.
Paulo in Toronto, Canada July 23, 2012
601 Red Label Habano Robusto 5 Pk
"claygo check your humidor"
I dont know what Claygo from verona is smoking but he should check his humidor....have smoked hundreds of these and they are a very good cigar just like every other review states except for Claygo.....I have been smoking cigars for 38yrs and these have great draw decent taste good ash stay problems....always keep a few in one of my humidors....
Steven L in Toms River March 3, 2012
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