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"Lacking In Flavor"
Not what I expected, can buy much better cigars for the same price. Think they need a long time in the humidor.
Bobby in MI July 7, 2013
"Want to smoke a Cuban?"
Granted, this is not a Cuban - but if you want to experience a "kissing cousin" of the Cuban Cohiba Siglo IV or Siglo V, this isn't far off. That being said, it has its harsh moments - something that cannot be said of those members of the Cohiba line. Bottom line, if you want a full bodied experience in a smoke, don't pass this one up!
Thomas in Kentucky March 18, 2011
"Lady in Red....."
Only smoked a few of these beautiful looking smokes and each one was near perfection, A very good blend, great flavor profiles, love the light start nice amount of pepper then strong wood flavors, lots of other fun flavors along the way. mellow but flavorful finish, Gobs of thick smoke a true smokers cigar, I aged these 30 days in a perfect 69-69 humidor without cello and gave them a proper introduction before smoking and I do believe that might be why other reviews were not so kind with this stick . worth the resting time just like every smoke from 1.00 to 30.00 Ken Christensen Sammamish Washington
Ken in Sammamish Washington September 7, 2010
"Not Good"
Very bitter cigar! didnt burn very well and it started to unwrap half way through.
Brian in North Dakota August 30, 2010
"Very decent Cigar"
A medium to full bodied cigar with a mild bite. I have this as one in the line up but not as my primary smoke. Across the board I would recommend this as an 'slightly' above average cig (I'm giving it about a 7.0 ) and I grade pretty hard
Hammerheadssn663 in Fairfax July 29, 2009
"Nasty Bitter Cigar"
Not worth trying ,Wasted my money. Nasty bitter taste throughout entire burn. Had same nasty taste had to throw it out about halfway in.
Vinny V. in Monroe, Township New Jersey July 12, 2009
"Great blend of smooth and spice."
While the 601 Blue seems to get all the press, (no pun intended)this is a great cigar. Smooth and full bodied with just the right amount of spicy.
btg in Michigan October 20, 2008
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