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7-20-4 Reviews

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7-20-4 Dogwalker 5
"tastes like dogsh*t"
even after time in the humidor.. still tastes lousy. WAY OVER priced. much better deals than this.
stal in United States February 1, 2015
7-20-4 Robusto
"You owe yourself a 5pack"
I d never heard of these before so I wasn t expecting much when I got a 5 pack free with a coupon. I usually prefer sweet sticks like ACID or Baccarat so my attitude was essentially, They re free . Man, I was set up for an extremely pleasant surprise...flawless and tasty. Quite possibly my favorite cigar and my dad gets me Cubans every now and again. To each his own, but you definitely owe it to yourself to give them a try
David in San Diego,CA October 3, 2014
7-20-4 Robusto
"Very Pleasantly Surprised..."
Especially when I got a few free with a coupon, but I'll be back for more. I by and large smoke Bacarat, a lot of Connecticut, rarely maduro, but this smoke here is a premium smoke. The burn, draw, and construction are all flawless. Built like solid rock. Taste enjoyable. They're top notch sticks obscured by the low price tag but don't let it fool you.
David in San Diego, CA September 7, 2014
7-20-4 Gran Toro
"Loved it!"
Got one of these in the Best of 2014 sampler, and can easily see why it made the cut- Nice, full bodied smoke, plenty of that dark, rich, and flavorful smoke you expect from a fine cigar. Would definitely buy again!
Chris in Buffalo, NY June 24, 2014
7-20-4 Gagger
Great cigar.was pleased.....
lance in United States May 11, 2014
7-20-4 Robusto
"Not Bad"
Burn was excellent Taste was not Bad Will make it one of my Favorites
Wilfredo in NYC January 27, 2014
7-20-4 Londres
"What a Nice Surprise!"
Unbelievable surprise. Aged, mature tobbacco creating a creamy flavor with plenty of spice hints! The tight draw that one reviewer talks about is only because he did not realize the end you light is covered with the wrapper leaf. It gives the cigar a great light and burns away quickly. Love the pigtail at the other end also! Very unusual cigar and a wonderful smoke! Highly recommended!
Adrian C. in Champlain, NY January 10, 2014
7-20-4 Gagger
"Pleasantly exceeded expectations"
The experience with this smoke was impressive. The attributes were way above the norm and even the finish was better than expected. Was great with Woodford on the rocks. This cigar has a very high value-to-cost ratio. Recommendation: Buy %26 Try, it s a can t miss, I always keep one extra for a rainy day!
Adonis in Mississippi November 20, 2013
7-20-4 Churchill
Excellent draw, full taste, and really well constructed.
Joe in Burbank September 21, 2013
7-20-4 Robusto
"Had to toss it..."
One of the worst burning cigars I've ever smoked. The pre-light draw was extremely tight, but that was only part of the problem. About half of the cigar just wouldn't burn. After trying for a few minutes to get a decent draw and watching a HUGE canoeing issue, I clipped it and tried re-lighting it. After a couple more minutes of watching the worst canoeing I've ever seen and practically no smoke drawing I realized the non-burning half just would not light...as if it wasn't even tobacco. I had no choice but to toss it...which I have only done with maybe 4 or 5 out of the 1000's of cigars I have smoked...needless to say I won't be buying any more of these in the future...
David in Florida September 15, 2013
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