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777 By Jesus Fuego Reviews

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777 By Jesus Fuego Robusto
"A great cigar"
I Ordered a five pack of these only because they looked good. I made a great call on this one. Great burn coffee and coco mid-stick never harsh. I will buy a box as soon as I have the room in my humi'.
M Landers in Portland Oregon November 15, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Belicoso
"Not bad, not great"
Let age for at least 2 weeks before smoking to accomodate to your humidor. Draws very well, taste is strong tobacco flavor, nothing special or interesting. Just an ok cigar for the price. Cigar stays the same for most part and gets more harsh towards the end. I;'m glad I tried it but I'll give most of them away to frieds for them to try. I might smoke one more but never buy again. you can get better cigars for the price. I like sweet cigars, like RP, Casa Magna, Padilla Miami; this was nothing like them.
MT in Bay Point CA November 2, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Corona
Not bad, a little bitter towards the end. a little too expensive for what you get.
Peter b in NC October 7, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Belicoso
"Wow! Someone got it right finally!"
CIgarhead, you could not sum up any review any better! If people want to know cigars, listen to what CIgarhead has to say! It cannot be said any better! This should be on every review in big letters so the minions understand! Oh yea these are very nice cigars in all categories, but a little pricey as was said! Peace!.. Thank you Famous, give us some real deals on the cigars so we can clean your warehouse out for you! :)
JG in Western NC Mountains September 4, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Belicoso
"If you really don't like these, I have an idea"
I would say, 1. the reviews seem shallow, and the cigar is a lot more than what is seen here. when you buy cigars you need to let them sit. Unwrap the box break the seal, put it in your cabinet (sorry, your humidor) and let them stabelize. I don't care who or what you buy, anything you just light up is going to be wet, shipping is safer with a moist wrapper, it's tougher to bust or crack. So the runs and "uneven" burn can be due to them being wet. Not the maker's fault, he knows how to let his personal cigars age. At least a week maybe 2. If you can squeeze the cigar a little and you hear cracking, it's too dry, if it squishes and stays doesn't spring back, it's too wet. If you have a firm or close to firm that would spring back, it's ready. Now this cigar is really a hot item, I dont' work here, and in fact I think they hate me, but I'll have to say anyone who ran right by this smoke based on the ignorant reviews above is going to miss a great smoke. The price is the only thing I see wrong. I'd smoke one a day. Just sold a box to do a split today. I've smoked for 10 years and since these were released I ahve smoked 3 boxes. So lets be polite, if you are going to do a review, do one, but don't bust a smoke you didn't cure down a bit and then come slam the cigar. That cigar is fantastic and is very over looked. I know 20 people I can speak to right now who smoke them and also found them to be very nice, Powerfull and spicy, the number title is getting old for me but this is another home run for Fuego. With the Delerium and the Rare Corojo's release being so close, thsi cigar still has it's place. Stepping out of the norm for Jesus is not in the least anything to be scared of. This cigar has spice and pepper, an 8 on a 10 point strength grading system. I would say the construction on this cigar is better than a lot of the same ol same ol names and some makers I won't mention. You pay $10 a stick for worse quality if you are not careful. I love the belicoso, anything longer would be too much, when the power comes on, it's great and what's teh best part is you can still taste wonderful flaovers, I don't believe in "coffee" or Nutty" descriptions. I would say this smoke resembles the flavor profile of the Ilusion 88. All around< would say this is a strong smoke, best on a full stomach, maybe Scotch and take your time, or make sure you have a DD. It's a great smoke. Thanks to FSS for carrying Boutique brands, without there support you would be getting nothing but the "same ol brands" Now go smoke a Pepin
CIgarhead in NC July 30, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Robusto
"A Decent Full Body Smoke"
These look a litte "rustic" (maybe due to the very dark wrapper) but appearance aside, they are well constructed. Decent draw. A good full body taste, leathery, and a little spicy, with even a hint of concolate at times, but overall very well rounded. A few minor burn problems but nothing that can't be overcome and nothing that detracts from the experience. For a mid range Robusto that is aggressive, but won't knock you out, this isn't a bad choice.
Fred in Michigan July 6, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Belicoso
"Okay - Good"
This cigar is okay - good. Not bad flavor, but be prepared for high maintenance. Haven't had one yet that didn't require touchups.
kencu58 in San Diego July 1, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Toro
"Good Cigar for the price!"
For a few dllars less then Illusioe, this cigar packs some real good flavor. Its construction,Appearance and draw were very good. Its major flaw was what I call rocky patelitis. (UNEVEN BURN) For the money worth it!
Stephen in West Milford New Jersey May 18, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Belicoso
"What a name!!!"
Warlike Jesus Fire...Super Awesome!!!
Matt in Earth May 1, 2009
777 By Jesus Fuego Toro
"The best Corojo, Crillo you will smoke!"
Folks if you want a true corojo and crillo cigar, then this is the one you will want to try. J Fuego's hands are like magic, anything he touches is fabulous. I really enjoy this line of cigar. Very flavorful and consistent, draws well and is a head turner when you light up and smoke it.
K.Doty in Tulsa April 30, 2009
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