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777 Reviews

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777 Maduro Belicoso
"Just bought a box of the belicoso"
Had these in my humidor for quite some time; just blew through all the sticks I had. I enjoyed these so much I just bought a box on another site. Delicious, decadent, handsomely well-constructed and consistently enjoyable right down to the end. Too bad this line was just discontinued; grab them while you can.
Bridget in Westbrook_Shoreline_CT April 7, 2013
777 Maduro Belicoso
"If only I had known it would be this good"
A great smoke. It could stay lit a little longer .. But a consistently perfect smoke down to the nub.
Bridget April 5, 2013
777 Maduro Belicoso
This cigar is so decadently good they should have labeled it 666
Daniel in Northfield MN February 22, 2013
777 Maduro Robusto
"Good smoke!"
Very good smoke. Nice burn and easy draw. I will buy again.
Daniel in Northfield MN February 22, 2013 October 13, 2012
777 By Jesus Fuego Grande
Please don't waste your mola.
Bill in Chicago August 24, 2012
777 Maduro Robusto
Harsh & bland at the same time. Hard to pull that off.
Bnwink in Bismarck ND February 15, 2012
777 By Jesus Fuego Grande
"yea" the 777 was more like 555""
this cigar probably in the lower third in this sampler, burn problams needed maintainence through out, draw was ok,taste aroma ok, constr. was pretty good....but all around an ok cigar at best
russell in brigantine,nj January 26, 2012
777 Maduro Belicoso
"A must try for maduro lovers"
After going through more than half the box of the 777 Belicoso, I can make a strong "buy" recommendation, but with a caveat. For some reason, possibly due to the lack of aging time at the factory prior to being placed in plastic wrappers and boxed, this cigar needs to be taken out of the plastic wrap and aged in your humidor for at least a couple of months so that the cigar could finish it's maturation process. That's when I experienced a big change from a plain woody raw smoke to a smoother and more complex coffee/peppery smoke which I would easily rate a 90-91 (the cigars I tried that kept the plastic wraps on were different, I would rate these lower and agree with the current ratings of around the mid-80's). Note that only the plastic-free humidor aged 777 cigars behaved in this highly refined manner for me. So, if you want to try an interesting maduro cigar, a bit of patience will pay off in the end.
JC in New Jersey January 15, 2012
777 By Jesus Fuego Grande
"Rest is important."
Got a couple of these as a gift. Smoked one first off and it had the burn issues I've read about. Let the other sit in my humidor for 6 months because I forgot about it. That was about the right amount of time because the second one was a transcendendental experience. Perfect burn, strong( but not stout) delivery and flavor that just got better and better throughout the stick. Slightly peppery to start then giving way to coffee and vanilla with an exquisite tobacco sweetness that we all dream about. The Grande begs for you to let it rest but only because it's worth the wait. Firm salt and pepper ash and TONS of pretty blue smoke. Not for the casual smoker but if you like strong maduros this is a gem. Don't rush it.
Paul S in Norman, OK January 8, 2012
777 Maduro Corona
"Taste great. Won't burn. Not worth it!"
I love how this cigar taste bold and in your face. Just one thing, it won't burn. All five of mine had tunneling issues that were off the charts bad. I was really looking forward to these, heard a lot of great things. The construction on mine were terrible. Don't waste your money.
Adam in Tennessee January 6, 2012
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