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777 Maduro Corona
"great cigar"
This is truly one of my favs. taste is woody then quickly goes to chocolate then starts to add spice which lasts throughout the smoke. My advice would be to be conservative when cutting this smoke(about 1/2 of what you'd usually do)I'm on my 2nd box and still lovin' them!
Alan December 1, 2011
777 Maduro Robusto
"Will Smoke More of These"
I smoked two 777 maduro robustos and a 777 maduro corona. The cocoa flavor in the robustos was much more pronounced, leading me to believe the chocolate (and berry) flavor I get from the 777 maduro is due to the filler more so than the wrapper. Both the robusto and maduro provided a nice maduro experience, with the robusto being the more interesting of the two sizes I sampled. Nice draw and burn. Really no complaints. Will be smoking more of these.
Anthony in Indiana November 18, 2011
777 By Jesus Fuego Grande
"Too Bad..."
I had high hopes when I got this cigar. The appearance had everything you look for in a cigar. I smoked the first half of this and it was good. The second half was where the problem was. This cigar just would not stay lit. I'm not rushing to judgement on this one, I would like to try it again.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. October 30, 2011
777 Maduro Corona
"Don't rule this stick out"
Not the Best but not the Worst cigar this is not a $30 dollar stick and don't review it as one. This is a good bang for the buck yes it has burn issues but it's not a problem. Flavor good Spice chocolate leather. Ash was weak and watch it or you will find it one you or your ride. For the price I would buy another box
Jack in Ridley Park, PA August 19, 2011
777 Maduro Belicoso
"What a great cigar"
Judging by the look,smell,feel,etc...when I got around to firing up my first one I knew I was in for a treat, Lots of smoke with just as much flavor not too overpowering . I had no problems with the burn with mine like I read earlier.I plan to pick up more in the future I gotta experience the Torros next
Tse'Nagi in OneidaNation(reservation)Wi July 17, 2011
777 Maduro Corona 5 Pack
"((( Nice Maduro )))"
The 777 Corona, is a dark, somewhat dry, espresso colored cigar, with some slight vains. The ash is whitish gray in color, and the burn seemed somewhat off. The ash was also loose. This corona is medium in body, with strong notes of charred hickory wood in the nose, through out the burn. The 777 mellowed out throughout the burn, and was somewhat more enjoyable to smoke. On the second half of the burn, black coffee, with a slight hint of vanilla, was noted on the pallet. The approximate burn time for this corona is 75 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this corona 5
Robb Hughes in Michigan June 1, 2011
777 By Jesus Fuego Belicoso 5 Pack
"Got what I expected"
When I got my 5 pack I got that "can't wait to try these out", so after the resting time in the humidor and all, I got to fire up one this eve and they are as good as they look down to the nub. Good as it goes I'd like to sample the toro size next.
Tse'Nagi in Oneida Nation Wi. May 1, 2011
777 By Jesus Fuego Belicoso 5 Pack
"Don't smoke this cigar!"
I want 'em all for myself. This has gotten to be my everyday stick. The aroma and taste is consistenly great and it's a nice, easy draw. I made the mistake of sharing a few of these with so-called friends. Now they all want them. No good deed goes unpunished.
pfm in The Lone Prairie August 7, 2010
777 Maduro Robusto
I have been smoking 777 for some time but the local smoke shop stopped selling them, then I found Famous was selling them and there is joy in Mudville again. Great full bodied smoke with good burn taste and draw well worth the price.
Lee in Philadelphia Pa July 16, 2010
777 Maduro Corona
"experienced parejo..."
not a newbie cigar... rich, but deep, heavy coffee, just enough bite... a little tight, even burn, long lasting smoke, lasting flavor... jesus' best to date...
ds in oregon July 2, 2010
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