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90 Miles 1980 Reviews

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90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"Nice Ash"
The burn and draw went real nice. No spice or leather tastes with this stick. Just full flavored nicotine which suited me fine. I ordered more FSS makes it easy to sample great cigars without cashing in your 401K. Thanks FSS it was a good smoke.
Mr. Blues in Central MN July 14, 2014
90 Miles 1980 Corona Gorda
"2nd worse cigar I have smoked in 20 yrs"
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Brent in Bismarck July 6, 2014
90 Miles 1980 Corona Gorda
"Worse than bundles"
Updating my earlier review now that the box is gone. I got to smoke and enjoy 1 cigar total. Rest of the box: too tight to draw, acrid taste, a wrapper like asbestos. My theory is the cigars shipped young and I was expected to age them rather than smoke them. I would have, had I paid $20-30 for a bundle. Never will I buy any cigar from this manufacturer ever again.
Brent in Bismarck July 6, 2014
90 Miles 1980 Corona Gorda
"Never Again"
Bland. Usually something so tasteless is machine made. Hard tight roll. One of my worst box buys in 20 years.
Brent in Bismarck ND April 6, 2014
90 Miles 1980 Corona Gorda
"A great Cigar!!!"
Got a 5 pack of these with my last order, and have been blown away! These are great cigars, will be getting a box with my next order. A must try for any cigar lover.
Heath D in Richmond March 15, 2014
90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"Not bad !!"
Got this on a promo. Great construction, packed nice and tight, draw was smooth and even. Everything was great about this cigar but it lacked in the taste department. Dunno if I would buy this cigar for 7 dollars a piece but would consider it for 4 or 5 dollars.
Heath D in Richmond March 15, 2014 in Maryland February 8, 2014
90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"Good Tasting Cigar to the Finish"
A very good tasting cigar. The description given by Famous Smoke Shop is spot on. Even burn and easy draw. Will buy more!
Anthony in California October 30, 2013
90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"Another box buy stick!"
San Andres wrappers are my favorite and this 1980 Edition by 90 Miles did not disappoint! Great construction, great draw and full flavor! Definitely a stick that I will continue to buy by the box!
Greg Eaton in Dayton, Ohio August 17, 2013
90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"I am impressed"
Even burn from start to finish. The middle third was awesome, burned down to my fingertips without being relit. I will buy more.
Jersey Joe in Jersey August 10, 2013
90 Miles 1980 Churchill 5 Pack
"Impossible Draw"
For reasons I don't remember, I bid on these these again, after not liking them the first time. The result was exactly what I remembered. These cigars are almost impossible to smoke because they are so tight. I was both annoyed and frustrated by the difficulty in the simple act of puffing on a cigar. Never again, even if the bid was a penny!
bobbyt in marlboro, nj August 6, 2013
Iron Horse
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