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90 Miles 1980 Reviews

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90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"Slow start, great finish"
Pedestrian start quickly gives way to a complex beauty. Burns long.
Ron in Chicago May 16, 2013
90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"good but not great"
Looks great, tastes great, but required constant tending. Wrapper kept flaking away from ash, and would burn out if not continuasly puffed.
Christian in Colorado March 31, 2013
90 Miles 1980 Gordito
"GREAT find in my latest sampler!"
I love buying samplers for just this reason, discovering new gems! Smoked this one right out of the box, with no time in the humidor at all. Lit well, burned well, and the draw was firm, but not tight. Consistant from start to finish with no tunnelling, relights, or tending to at all. Nice rich, smooth, flavorful smoke that I will DEFINITELY buy more of!
Karl in wisconsin March 16, 2013
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