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90 Miles 1980 Corona Gorda Reviews [view details]

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"2nd worse cigar I have smoked in 20 yrs"
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Brent in Bismarck July 6, 2014
"Worse than bundles"
Updating my earlier review now that the box is gone. I got to smoke and enjoy 1 cigar total. Rest of the box: too tight to draw, acrid taste, a wrapper like asbestos. My theory is the cigars shipped young and I was expected to age them rather than smoke them. I would have, had I paid $20-30 for a bundle. Never will I buy any cigar from this manufacturer ever again.
Brent in Bismarck July 6, 2014
"Never Again"
Bland. Usually something so tasteless is machine made. Hard tight roll. One of my worst box buys in 20 years.
Brent in Bismarck ND April 6, 2014
"A great Cigar!!!"
Got a 5 pack of these with my last order, and have been blown away! These are great cigars, will be getting a box with my next order. A must try for any cigar lover.
Heath D in Richmond March 15, 2014
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