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90 Miles by Flor De Gonzalez Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent Smoke"
excellent cigar, really enjoyed the smoke
Larry in South Bend April 11, 2012
"Great smoke"
Very good smokes well constructed with an oily wrapper.They have a slight hint of coca on the wrapper.The prelight draw has a sweet tobacco taste. These are by no means a flavored cigar. The construction is very consistant with almost seamless wrapper leaf. The draw is firm but opens up about 1 inch in. I feel it to be a medium bodied cigar with a good flavor profile.
Mike in Oregon November 14, 2011
I am not a big fan of Flor de Gonzalez but my gut told me to buy them. First, they are wonderfully humidified. I got the box of Churchills yesterday. I smoked one and I could taste lot of potential. I decided to put them away for a while but having no discipline, I pulled one out just now. A remarkable cigar. Right off the bat, you get the taste of the sweet spot. Creamy and nutty and sweet. There's a little bit of dried fruit but I can't determine what it is. The creaminess just goes nuts. It starts out medium body but ends up full on. Halfway through, I get some spiciness which is a nice surprise. Usually, a spicy cigar will start out that way and them mellow out. This one gets peppery in the middle. The price point is crazy. It could go for twice that. It's even cheaper on auctioneer. The nice thing about a new cigar is that people are hesitant to bid. So I don't have to worry in the beginning. But word will get out and ruin my day. But that's OK because the retail price is still a real deal. Now I have to show some discipline and not smoke them everyday. A few months of aging is beyond my comprehension. Well done.
Katmancross in April 22, 2011
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Taste (87) 100
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10 Construction (90) 100
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