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90 Miles by Flor De Gonzalez Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"an excellent smoke"
this is a medium bodied smoke with a very unique taste that i enjoyed very much. the ash holds on for half of the cigar. the draw and burn were great. i will be getting some of these.try one you wont be disapointed.
paul in cowlesville,ny. August 4, 2014
"Good for the cost"
Fairly mild flavored smoke, but more full than medium bodied. One of the most fantastically constructed cigars that I have ever smoked, the ash quality was phenomenal, and the burn was perfect. I would have hoped for a little more flavor out of a medium-full bodied smoke. Draw was tight at first but loosened up after I had smoked an inch or so off. Not the best, but not the worst cigar I have ever smoked. Decent enough for the price.
Kellen in NC April 28, 2013
"Great smoke"
I picked up one of these sticks last summer and just now got around to smoking it because I had to go away for Army training. I was surprised at how well it held up and smoked after such a long store, because during my time away my humidor went south. Overall it was a smooth smoke with great, consistent flavors throughout, fairly even burn, and it was well constructed. The ash stayed intact for over half of the cigar until a gust of wind blew it off. It also stayed fairly medium bodied literally all the way to the end. I smoked it until about one inch was left and I could no longer hold it without burning myself. I would definitely recommend this smoke!
Josh in West Virginia April 9, 2013
"Vrry good smoke!"
This is a very underrated cigar. Most people I have talked have not even heard of it, let alone tried it. Is started off medium to full in the first third and settled into a smooth medium the rest of the way. A nice white ash with even burn. The draw was perfect! A must try cigar - don't be fooled by these ratings on here! This cigar is as good as any on this site!
Greg in Dayton, Oh March 17, 2013
"ok smoke"
This stick has a decent taste and aroma. It is mild and burns slow. Nice white ash that got easily over an inch before falling off. Good easy draw and pretty good construction . Not bad.
j'mo in Jeff City, MO September 3, 2012
"Solid smoke."
Great blend. Lots of flavor. Very woodsy aroma coming from the foot. Cigar is heavy in the hand and burns very slowly. Thumbs up!
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI July 27, 2011
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