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90 Miles Reserva Selecta Reviews

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90 Miles Reserva Selecta No. 4
"Good all around"
Good construction, wrapper has nice oil shine. Easy light, stays lit and smokes well. All around good smoke.
Big Zac in Polk County FL January 16, 2014
90 Miles Reserva Selecta Eminente
"Powerful Little Smoke"
Won these in auction not having ever tried them before. Took a chance and it really paid off. I cannot say enough good things about these sticks. Lots of bold flavor, great burn, the list goes on! A lot like the Torano 1916s which are one of my favorite everyday smokes.
Jason in Jacksonville, FL November 19, 2013
90 Miles Reserva Selecta No. 4 5 Pk
"A great go-to cigar"
A great Cigar with cedar notes and slight hint of fruit a cigar that has even drawn and even burn this is one that is an excellent go to cigar
John in Libertyville September 25, 2013
90 Miles Reserva Selecta Eminente 5 Pk
"Good Smoke"
I am not ordinarily a corona guy but this is a solid smoke. Medium bodied but full flavor. Habano 2000 Cuban seed wrapper provides excellent taste with even burn, easy draw and excellent construction!
Greg Eaton in Dayton, Ohio August 18, 2013
90 Miles Reserva Selecta No. 4
"Great flavor & Great construction!"
Excellent smoke! This might be the best Habano 2000 Cuban Seed wrapper that I have smoked! The burn, the draw and theoverall construction was flawless. Definitely will continue to be a box buy cigar for me!
Greg Eaton in Dayton, Ohio August 17, 2013
90 Miles Reserva Selecta No. 4
"Very flavorful"
Nice smoked wood flavor showing some spice, medium body. Beautiful pigtail cap and nice almost maduro wrapper. Great even burn and perfect draw. Will definitely try some other sizes.
Drudog21 in VA June 1, 2013
90 Miles Reserva Selecta Sublime
"Very nice"
Medium to full bodied smoke with plenty of flavour and style.
roy.r in UK May 4, 2012
90 Miles Reserva Selecta No. 4
"Great Smoker!"
This cigar was filled with aroma and flavour that kept my pallet wanting to come back as soon as possible for another draw. The Maduro Habano wrapper was constructed perfectly and allowed for even burn and consistant draws. The long-filler was dynamic teasing constantly as I mixed with a morning coffee! This one will always be around for another smoke.
Jon in Indiana December 17, 2011
90 Miles Reserva Selecta Eminente
"Mild, smooth, a little tough on the draw"
I won a 5 pack of these on Cigar Auctioneer. It's a nice looking cigar. It's smooth & mild, but it was a bit tough to draw on, plus it started unravel a bit. It was nice to try once, but I won't buy it again.
John C. in Mission Viejo, CA, USA November 26, 2011
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