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A Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona Reviews [view details]

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"The Tyrion Lannister of Cigars"
If Abe Flores was an author, his genre would have to be Fantasy, as this little stick defies the laws of thermodynamics. I ve done smoke-offs after a week in the humidor against 2011 Partagas Shorts, 2012 H.Upmann Half Coronas and 2008 Trinidad Reyes. It wiped the floor with them. Abe is truly the George R.R. Martin of cigar blenders.
MacBryan in Malaysia July 2, 2014
Hands down Cigar-of-the-Year material! Short shotgun shell burns as slow as a robusto twice it s size 45-60mins . Flavor profile: a complex and powerful stogie with notes of spicy black pepper, char-seared porterhouse steak, cedar on the finish, and rich tobac through to the last drop. A must try, then buy the box of 50!
Johnathon in Hawaii November 19, 2013
"Overall tasty go to smoke!"
This little shotgun shell starts off just a little peppery and then mellows about 1/3 in. The draw is excellent and the burn is consistent without the nedd for any touch ups. The strengh is some what medium to full and there is a definite nicotine kick. Who cares about appearences? this is a definite little firecracker. I m Glad i bought a box of these and I hope that they don t ever stop production on this little gem!
Brian K. in Hawaii November 4, 2013
"Tasty little pepper bomb!"
Really a great short smoke. Got it on the monster on sale, but man, this was a 30 minute pepper bomb I really liked. Going to be a go-to winter smoke!
Michael in Woodstock GA October 25, 2013
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10 Construction (98) 100
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