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A Fuente Hemingway Work Of Art Reviews [view details]

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"Good cigar, although overhyped"
Construction was outstanding, much better than the Natural version which has given me problems in the past. Flavor profile is classic medium-to-full bodied Maduro with not much complexity that got better past the midpoint; unfortunately though, it started burning hot and then turned harsh shortly after, past the band. Burned nice and slow for about an hour. A very solid stick, but not worth the effort of tracking down given its scarcity. 90 points
Stefan in City by the Bay March 29, 2014
"Glad I got my hands on a box of these!"
Well I was lucky enough to order a box of these before they disappeared this year from Famous Smoke shop. I have already smoked 2 and am thrilled. Similar to other descriptions, very chocolaty and with a bit of spice. They almost smoke like a darker double ligero. Tons of flavor and punch in a small cigar. Cigar is rolled very snug with a medium draw. Only ashed once midway in each smoke. Only weird thing was that one cigar seems to have been a Cameroon that snuck its way in. Seeing as how I like the regular Hemingway's though its now big deal!
Greg in Maryland November 21, 2011
"Happy I got my hands on these"
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a box of these when they briefly came available. I had actually just ordered the Cameroon WOA and was hesitant to buy a 2nd box of hemingways. I know the maduros are hard to come by so I quickly pulled the trigger. My box came a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to wait a month before I lit one up. I gave In after a week and smoked one a couple days ago. Pretty damn amazing if you ask me. I can only imagine what a little bit of age will do to them. Great construction, almost too great. The draw was a little tight, but opened up in the 2nd half. This was probably due to the cigar being a little wet as they haven't rested long in the humi. All in all, I can't wait to get to the rest of the box once they get a little rest to them. Get a box when you see them. They won't last long.
Dan in Los Angeles November 16, 2011
"Unobtainable...almost wish I never tasted one!"
I ordered the 15 cigar AF sampler a few months back, but several of the cigars in the sampler were on back order. The remaining cigars arrived a few weeks later, but two of them, as it turned out, were maduro Works of Art which were not listed as cigars in the sampler. I believe Famous might have substituted them for Short Stories or Best Sellers which were part of the sampler. I smoked one of them and was struck by the exquisite taste so did some detective work and found them to be Works of Art. I have also found out they are almost unobtainable thru the larger cigar distributors, like Famous and Thompson. What to do? I will keep looking relentlessly and try to get on every waiting list I can find!
Steven Scott in Las Vegas, NV September 22, 2010
"A Very Specal stick when you can find one"
Truly a stunning stick. Starts off mild, and light. Opens up to cocoa and almost caramel flavor. Decent burn. beautiful appearance. Wish Fuentes would make enough of these to be my every day stick.
Fred B in Tulsa OK October 22, 2009
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