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Acid 1400cc Reviews [view details]

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"Wonderful Cigar from a newbies perspective"
I really enjoyed this smoke. It was smooth, sweet and I would recommend this to anyone. Can't wait to buy moore
Ed in Ocala, Fl January 10, 2012
"personal favorite"
ive only resonaly started smoking cigars and i have to say i have had my enjoyment out of this cigar then any other i have had this might be the only cigar ill ever buy from now on
lance in Chicago August 17, 2011
"One of my Favorites"
A friend of mine introduced me to these. I was hooked from the first draw. Smooth with a sweet hint from begining to end. The tobacco packed in the end of the tube to fill the gap has a scent of cologne which I could do without but the smoke is great.
ET in Central City IA July 19, 2011
"Best smoke ever!"
Over the past few years, I've been adventurous and tried numerous cigars. This one is, by far, my all-time favorite. It is sweet and mild, easy on the draw and has a pleasant aroma. Take it from me, this one rocks. BUT if you are more into cuban-style cigars, this is very different, hence the negative comments.
Steve in California July 1, 2011
"Very pleasant smoke!"
This was a very good smoke for me I have gone though two box's and have not had a bad one yet. I smoke them down to 2 fingers from the cap.If you don't like flavored smokes don't buy these because you won't like them there is no need to trash them when you should have stayed away from them. For guy's or girls who like to try something different then try these I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Don't judge until you light it off and take your first draw.
George in South Texas May 19, 2011
"What was it dipped in?? A harsh smoke"
Unless your very adventurous..I suggest not trying this smoke.Starts strong with an outer wrapper dipped in an infusion of sweet and sour. A strong smoke. No subtle flavors. Not for everyone.
kent Brady in NY, NY April 26, 2011
"Thought I was going to BARF!!"
Thought the first one had been dipped in some kind of sweet crap. Could not get the rotten taste off my lips. Tried another one, same thing. This was THE Worst cigar I ever had. I have three of these still in my humidor. Send me your address and I will give you these cigars. Why would anybody smoke these when there are so many GREAT cigars out there. Life is too short to smoke a BAD cigar!!
MJR in Cedar Rapids, Iowa December 5, 2010
"way too sweet for me"
All I can say is if the wrapper wasn't so sticky ( yes sticky) Then I might have enjoyed this a lot more. The idea of pipe tobacco infused cigars sounds good but drop the sweet wrapper.
Dustin B in NJ July 4, 2010
"Great cigars"
These are great cigars. I don't get why people try these and complain. They are aromatic, etc and as the description states, aromatic floral and herbal essences. These aren't your typical cigars, they are better. The construction on most Acid cigars I've had is excellent. Occasionally there is a few that aren't perfect but thats the same for all brands. I used to be a "snob" and think these cigars were less of a cigar and though the "fad" would end but once I gave them a legitamate shot, I fell in love with them. Started with Freedom Flight, and would love to see them come back. These are sweet, aromatic and excellent cigars. Give one a shot, if you don't like it, no harm no foul and go back to your traditional cigars and enjoy.
Tom in CT September 16, 2009
"first timer's choice"
Ok, I'm not a full time smoker. I dabble at best. but out of the 25 mild cigars I have tried so far, this one is by far the best. As far as Acid cigars go this one wasn't as sweet on the tongue as others i've tried. The smoke was smooth with no harsh after taste. There was just enough taste to tell you you've been smoking one but you dont have to have a shot whiskey, glass of OJ, and listerine mouth wash to get your mouth back to normal. AND... My wife dosen't mind the smell of these. If you are just starting, try one of these.
Roy in New Mexico September 13, 2009
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