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Acid 1400cc Reviews [view details]

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"A fine cigar... ignore the "elitists""
Easily one of the finest cigars Acid has offered. The 1400cc is smooth and mellow, with a very light taste of the "infusions" that have made Acid one of the most popular brand of cigars in the civilized world. The ratings don't lie, despite the low scores given by the annoying cigar elitists who have nothing good to say about Acid cigars, despite their undeniable quality. Say what they will, but I've never had to ram rod an Acid. I certainly can't say that about the countless Romeos, Fuentes, and Montecristos that have occupied my humidors. They've been wagging their fingers for years, warning of the demise of Acid after the "fad" has passed. All as Acid continues to add new, fabulous cigars to their lineup year after year. The Acid 1400cc is easily one of the best I've ever smoked.
BigDave in Michigan February 22, 2009
"Don't listen to the ACID bashers!!"
Listen, if you don't like infused cigars then you don't like infused cigars, but that does not make them bad! Drew Estate makes some of the finest quality handmade cigars the industry has to offer...bottom line - that's a fact. I can't stand it when people bash on the a brand of cigar just because they personally don't like it. Drew Estate does not produce cheap "flavered" cigars to cover up the bad quality. If you haven't tried an ACID you really should, but if you don't like it leave it at that and move on. The Acid 1400cc is a great cigar which goes along well with their entire blue label series - the best in my opinion. In the cigar world it's to each his own and I love em!!
Darin in Portland, OR February 18, 2009
Quality and flavor is all you can say with the 1400. All good . Will order more from Acid.....
STEVE in CHINO HILLS CALIF January 3, 2009
CUBE in WILMINGTON, DE September 23, 2008
"I prefer this"
I was given a 1400cc as a gift to smoke with my boss. After work we lit up and I couldn't believe it. I have had Kuba Kuba before and even though this wrapper was lighter in shade, I figured I was in store for the same old thing. NOT. This cigar was sweet, spicy, rich, tasty, delicious all the way down to the last puff. If you have had the cold infusion tea then you will love this. It has the same characteristics without the hint of tea flavor. Just a well balanced infused cigar with a sweet cap on the end. BUY BUY BUY. Great stogie.
Sean in Montesano May 22, 2008
"Great Cigar"
This is a great mild smoke. The draw is nice and clean. This a must smoke for anybody looking for a mild cigar.
Cameron in Alpharetta, Ga April 15, 2008
"Just Plain Awesome"
After smoking a wide variety of cigars, I still get pulled to the ACID brand in my local cigar shop. The 1400cc's are mind blowing and a good way to spend money. Trust me, pick one of these cigars up or any of the other Blue or Gold Labled Acids. Potpourri? You guys must have a terrible sense of taste. Burns clean, smooth taste. Great Cigar!
Dante in Ohio March 20, 2008
"ACID 1400cc - NO THANKS!!!"
You've got to be kidding..... This is absolutely the worst cigar I have ever smoked. Imagine if you will rolling potpourri in a cigar leaf and then soaking it in some nasty cheap womens perfume and this is what an ACID 1400cc tastes like. YUCK!!! Leave these cigars for the girly men....
MB in Pennsylvania August 7, 2007
"Flavored with ACID"
This is the most disgusting "thing" - for lack of a better word - I have ever smoked. The flavoring is so intense I thought my mouth was on fire...and that was before I lit it. The tobacco they use in this cigar must be so bad they have to cover it up with all that flavoring. Couldn't even smoke a quarter of this foul cigar. Waste of money. Stay clear of this one.
Bill in Brooklyn, NY July 19, 2007
"Do not judge on intital smell, must smoke!!!"
I'm an intermediate smoker, and decided once and for all to try an acid. I never really care for flavored cigars, but decided what the hell. When this 1400cc showed up in the glass bottle, I took it out and gave it the initial wiff, and about gagged...thought it smelled awefull, like a cheep gas station that sells incense. But tonight I decided to bust it out with my heineken, and WOW! I was blown away, no aftertaste, smooth creamy draw, and the senses are stirred dramatically. I was amazed at the quality and taste. My sister and her boyfriend hate when I smoke, but they loved this, I do too, I will definitly buy a box. NOT FOR EVERYONE, but I enjoyed it, however I didn't care for other Drew Estates cigars, like dark angel and dirt.
Peter S in Wayland Michigan April 20, 2007
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