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Acid 1400cc Reviews [view details]

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"Do not judge on intital smell, must smoke!!!"
I'm an intermediate smoker, and decided once and for all to try an acid. I never really care for flavored cigars, but decided what the hell. When this 1400cc showed up in the glass bottle, I took it out and gave it the initial wiff, and about gagged...thought it smelled awefull, like a cheep gas station that sells incense. But tonight I decided to bust it out with my heineken, and WOW! I was blown away, no aftertaste, smooth creamy draw, and the senses are stirred dramatically. I was amazed at the quality and taste. My sister and her boyfriend hate when I smoke, but they loved this, I do too, I will definitly buy a box. NOT FOR EVERYONE, but I enjoyed it, however I didn't care for other Drew Estates cigars, like dark angel and dirt.
Peter S in Wayland Michigan April 20, 2007
"Best of the Lot"
This is a great flavor infused cigar. It's a great change of pace from the standard expectations of unflavored cigars. It is not to be confused or compared with other flavored cigars. Yes, it has a mildly sweet flavor, but it's done right. The 1400cc smokes evenly and maintains an even flavor throughout. The people complaining about this being a piece of candy unworthy of their time do not understand the logic of Drew Estate and therefore, should put these down and leave them for me and others who appreciate the concept.
Phillip in Chicago June 15, 2006
This was a great relaxing smoke! I am a engineering student and spent the whole afternoon doing calculations sitting in front of a computer, but after five minutes with this 1400cc i was completely relaxed. This was an all around great cigar, the flavor and aroma are the best though. I don't mind smelling like I smoked one of these te rest of the evenning, can't wait try the others.
Mark in Toledo, OH April 1, 2006
"Acid at it's best.."
Acid cigars are highly debated... If you like them, this is at the top of the list in the Acid line. This cigar will draw attention.
Teodoro in Minneapolis March 20, 2006
"Acid 1400cc"
My Favorite! If you like spicy flavoered cigars,youl like this one.Good with a cup of strong coffee.
jerry in nv. December 23, 2005
Absolutely horrible.. It was great when I put it in the trash.
Bill McDaid in California November 17, 2005
I had high expectations for this cigar. The flavor was weak. The burn was OK. It was not exciting at all. Blondie is a much better cigar.
Mike in Anaheim August 26, 2005
"bad acid"
Truly a shitty cigar: the wrapper sweet enough to gag a maggot; the burn ragged, uneven, and flakey; tastes like a cheap Don Garbaggio. You can keep the botanicals--I'm sticking with tobacco, and chucking the rest of the Acid sampler I sprung for. Sucks big time.
Terrence Monroe in Hawaii August 25, 2005
Ever used public transportation and sat beside a woman wearing way, way, way too much cheap perfume? You can recreate that experience with this cigar.
Don in Sebring, FL July 29, 2005
I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth and smell off my fingers! It was repulsive. The taste made me sick and I couldn't finish the smoke. I tried to have an open mind with these and with all these great ratings I wonder if Drew Estate is paying people off to write these ratings! LOL I will stick to the cigars I love - thank God I only grabbed the sampler pack!
Bill in CT July 6, 2005
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