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"cigar dipped in hand sanitizer."
A lot of people like these...I do not.
Matthew in TN February 17, 2015
"A keeper in the humi!!"
I have not had a Drew Estate Cigar that I did not love. If you are a beginner the 1400 is perfect. If have been smoking for years and never tried one, get one and enjoy something a little different but still an excellent smoke.
Brad in Texas May 3, 2014
"No thank you"
I genuinely feel the Acid line is over rated. Drew Estates makes some very fine sticks. The Acid line is too far away from hints of anything. The use of cloves in most of the Acid cigars is overwhelming and detracts from the quality of the tobacco they use. Their coffee line is far mellower, tastier and less gimmicky. Isla del Sol, Javas, or the Tabak Especials are much better tasting and far less overpowering..... I have not enjoyed a single Acid cigar yet!
Jeff H. in Sheboygan, WI January 7, 2014
Taste of the smoke was deep and leathery with a mild sweetness to it. Sounds odd but it was wonderful, it mixed so well together and I couldn't get enough.
Lewis in CT December 18, 2013
"A bucket of cheap perfume"
I stick to the mild side, but here the producers went overboard with aromathizing. They soaked each stick in some cheap, Justin Bieberry kind of perfume that spreads six feet away well before one starts smoking it.
Nik in Illinois October 27, 2013
"The MILDEST of the Blues"
Disclaimer: I ve had every Blue Acid except for the Wafe. This smoke is not what I expected.... I thought it was going to be a powerhouse of herbal infusion... Instead I lit up the Mildest Acid Blue, and perhaps the Mildest of all Acids..? Burn, Draw, Construction, Consistency, Appearance is perfect as with all DE cigars. These are probably extremely enjoyable for smokers who prefer mild. If you re a Full, Med-Full smoker who enjoys infused cigars that are Mild-Med which you would normally not like smoething that strength however the infusion makes it something you like, then step away and order any other blue. Even to the nub this cigar does not increase in body or flavor. Rock solid mild from head to toe. Also more lightly infused than the other blues. Infusion level is more on par with the Liquid. Bottom line, Good, but VERY mild in every aspect.
Anon Smoker in New York October 23, 2013
Very clean draw and taste. Very mild smoke and little to no peppery taste. Perfect down to the last draw
Justin in Cedar Rapids March 15, 2013
Favorite cigar thus far. Don't get much better. Such a sweet wrap and great tasting.tobacco.
Chris in Ga February 8, 2013
Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed this! I smoked it till it was down to the nub! Nice sweet tip and a very enjoyable taste :)
Nathan in Florida January 30, 2013
I've been smoking cigars for a few years now, and I must say this is one of the best I've tried. Highly recommend to anybody looking for a real good cigar.
John in Plattsburgh, NY June 12, 2012
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