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Acid Atom Reviews [view details]

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"This is a GREAT Smoke"
This is an all around great smoke,
RJ in Charleston SC. July 30, 2008
"i love them"
I have smoked alot of cigars but - the Atom and the Kubakuba are the BEST so far, and for the price ., for those guys who think there too high, stop being cheap, these babies are well worth the money.
steve.a in stamford July 10, 2008
"Sweet Smooth Savory Confort"
I got an Acid Atom Maduro Single from the sampler pack I won at auction and am smoking it now. It tastes very similar to the Acid One cigar only with a slightly sweeter draw. This cigar is pure delight to smoke, and would be a good one after dinner with a glass of good port. The Maduro wrapper imparts some spicyness into the mix and combined with the mellow draw that reminds me faintly of honey and bananas, finishes with an exquisite taste on the palate. The smoke from the burn imparts a sweet, almost fruity aroma into the ambient air. This cigar is dessert and should be savored.
Mark Allen Galbreath in Annapolis, MD December 20, 2007
"love'um or hate'em"
pretty simple if you dont like flavored cigars you wont like Acid ,if you like different unique flavors and find the vanilla & cherry flavored cigars too boring then Acid for you.
fransan in ct November 13, 2007
""Add 'em" to Your Smoke List"
This is Acid's best, without a doubt. Even if you tend to shy away from maduro wrappers, try this one. It is smooth, tasts earthy, spicy, and sweet, and has a great oily exterior, so it seems to burn much cooler. It's a really complex cigar that may take some getting used to, but it's well worth it. Only problem is the price.
Navon in WI June 18, 2007
"Smooth, Oily Cigar"
This is one of the best tasting cigars on the market, if you can step outside the box a bit. It has a great burn, earthy sweet taste, and a beautiful oily maduro wrapper. Only wish they would go on sale more often.
Navon in Green Bay, WI June 18, 2007
"Imagine Smoking Something Soaked in Formula 409"
I'm open to trying just about anything once. And once is enough with this cigar. I tried really hard to give this stogie a chance but it tasted like something soaked in formula 409 and finished off with a little sugar. I got about an inch into it and had to put it out. I gave the other 4 to a friend who wanted to try them. He likes them but they're just not for me...
Boxtakilla in Broken Arrow, OK September 15, 2006
"Tasted like it was soaked in Formula 409 and Sugar"
That kinda sums it up. I lit it up and really tried to get into it but had to toss it before I got through the first inch. Not a good experience.
Boxtakilla in Broken Arrow, OK July 16, 2006
Great cigar very complex Way too expensive!!!! Drop the price more people would smoke them!
Steven in NJ May 7, 2006
"acid cigars"
You have some terribly ignorant people bidding on your auctions. Yes many acid cigars are pretty good. Kuba Kuba and Atom among the best. What I don't get is the prices people pay to win. They need to check your website, for instance the 16 acid sampler with the mini humidor is bid at $66 so far. If they would check your website they would find the exact same thing for 49.95 and guess what you don't have to bid on it. That's your current price!
eddyg in home November 22, 2005
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