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Acid Atom Reviews [view details]

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I have had about half of the Acid brand cigars. I am greatly pleased by all with the exception of the Liquid. Great taste and aroma. I would smoke all the time if they weren't so pricey. Highly recommend if you are looking for a cigar out of the ordinary!
Todd in Flint, MI July 22, 2005
"acid atom"
my wife bought me this as a gift and it really stunk up my humidor so I was really surprised when I lit it up, it was a different taste than any other cigar I ever had. Don't think I would smoke one everyday but once in a while a very good cigar to have as a change
glen in pa May 26, 2005
"Thank goodness for a sample pack!"
Thank goodness for a sample pack! Was looking forward to something different, so I ordered an Acid sampler 4 pack. The first cigar was a 1400cc and the wrapper completely fell apart during the smoke. The 2nd cigar was the kuba and I could not keep it lit. I was extremely disappointed in the high $$$$ in smoking the first two poorly made cigars. The next was the liquid. While I thought it had good draw & construction, it had poor taste and did not have the aroma connected with an Acid cigar. Needless to say, I was not expecting much when I got to the Atom. All I can say is thank goodness for the sampler! I fell in love with the Atom! Smooth draw, great ash, satisfying robust taste, and wonderful aroma. I'm through with the sampling. I just re-ordered more Atoms!
David M. in S.A. Texas May 13, 2005
"Really Good"
This is a great, flavorful cigar. The first 2 inches were awesome. Lots of smoke, nice hearty maduro flavor complimented with the "botanical" stuff these cigars are all about. The cigar got a little harsh in the middle. Let it set a little longer between hits - mellowed out nicely. Last inch and half were harsh and couldn't avoid it. Didn't want to put it down. I would grab one of these again.
Mike in California February 13, 2005
"Amazing Maduro"
This cigar gave me a new appreciation for Maduro cigars !!! I usually do not like Maduros, because they tend to be harsh and leave my throat sore the next day. These are so smooth !!!!!!!! And a MAJOR plus ........ the women like the way they smell !!! Great draw and even burning all the way through !!! One of my favorites in the Acid line, and I've had just about every one !!!
Brian Kahn in Washington Twp., NJ October 14, 2003
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10 Construction (91) 100
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