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"Not fantastic"
I could not get a consistent burn out of this cigar, and it was a chore to keep it lit. The burn was not very sharp, and I found myself having to do double, even triple puffs to keep it lit. Flavorwise, it was nothing special. I didn t get any unique flavors out of this, just your standard tobacco flavor. Of the Acid s I ve tried, it is not my favorite.
Austin in New England April 1, 2014
"Best O' The Bunch"
My first Acid cigar was an Atom, and for my money, it's the best of the bunch. Additives are noticeable, but kept to a minimum. Almost immediately after lighting, there are rich flavors of leather, dark cherry and pepper. Hey, if you don't like flavored cigars, you probably won't like this one either. But it's a nice alternative to Acid's other overly-flavored cigars.
Flack in Atlanta December 6, 2012
"Great taste, poor burn"
Great tasting cigar, slightly sweet wrapper and creamy, mellow smoke. Wasn't overwhelmingly botanical like some Acids. Mine burned pretty unevenly, though.
PPCRO in Pittsburgh, PA May 20, 2012
it was by far the worst cigar i ever tried lucky for me a friend gave it to me to try. i would have to say it was 10 time sweeter than a swisher sweet and i don't like them either. i had to quit after the third drag on it i could not stomach more than that
WARREN in TAFT,CA April 2, 2010
"If I had to use one Word... WOW!!"
All I can say is Wow!! This Cigar, with a nice single malt scotch and some Al Green playing is like a day off with pay... A little spicy towards the end, but the aroma and the taste can't be beat. Only bad part was I only bought 2, and almost smoked both. Worth every Cent!! Acid Atom Maduro is a must have...
D Lowe in Gary, in. January 6, 2010
"awesome if you like sweet smoke"
I bought one after i took a wiff of my friends Acid Atom at a New Years party, the sweet syrupy flavor and and pleasant smell is great, especially if you are smoking around people who don't like cigars. The only complaint i can think of is that the ash wasn't solid and often flaked off before i got it to the ash tray, to some it up this is my new go-to smoke for any occasion, especially paired with an after dinner cup of coffee
DesJarlais in RI January 5, 2010
"If you like sweet, these are for you."
As a new cigar smoker, I find these absolutely wonderful. If you like sweet tasting smokes, this should be your #1 pick. Sure, cigar snobs may not like them, but these offer a great start and will help build the transition.
Justin in New Mexico January 24, 2009
"Not bad but not worth my cash"
I do like the taste of this cigar, but once you hit the middle you will need to slow way down. This cigar also smokes like a chimney. It is very annoying and even my girlfriend was looking at it oddly because of how much smoke was just pouring off this cigar. I did like it but I don't think I will be buying These again any time soon.
Patrick in Albany NY January 12, 2009
"must of been a bad stick"
got one in a sampler pack, was a terrable stick burn was bad ash was very flakey, wraper flamed like a torch when lit very uneaven burn, from the other reviews I must have goten a bad stick however will not purchase another,
Mack in Muenster Texas January 12, 2009
acid cigars are good flavored cigars
jim in ny October 12, 2008
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