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Acid Blondie Reviews [view details]

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"Love These"
This thing is great. I'm not an avid smoker, but I guess the some smokers look down on Acid apparently. Guess if you just want it to have no flavor, smoke something else. This is sweet, smooth and enjoyable.Great with a coffee.
Pete in NJ April 5, 2013
I'm a mild mannered man and like my cigars the same way. The Blondie is one of my favorites and has a permanent home in my humi. Sweet, mild yet full of flavor and aroma.
JT in Texas April 3, 2013
"quite good"
The cigar was very good. Pretty much the same as a kuba kuba except smaller. Although I noticed the burn was faster than most premium cigars. Overall its worth buying.
Caleb in Granby, mo March 29, 2013
"Smooth as silk!"
Blondies are a very sweet, smooth and mild cigar. One of my favorites for a 15 minute break. Never disappointed, ever. Acid does a great job again!
Josh in Japan March 27, 2013
"Worse than gas station cigars"
This cigar was so bad it literally gave me a headache. Don't waste your money -- seriously. If you like these cigars, then just go get flavored cigars at a gas station, there is no difference whatsoever. I could only smoke about an eighth of this thing before I couldn't take the torture anymore and now I'm desperately trying to find something to get that horrid taste out of my mouth. It was nauseatingly sweet, and the sweetness was mixed with an odd bitter/burning plastic taste that just did not mix well with sweetness at all. I strongly suspected it was made of bottom-tier tobacco as I was smoking it and afterwards I unrolled what was left only to confirm my suspicion -- it was made of shredded tobacco, not whole leaf as the price would suggest. I wouldn't be surprised if they mixed in little bits of melted plastic as well. Seriously, either stay far, far away from this cigar or just go get an equivalent but much cheaper flavored cigar at your local gas station.
J. in Richmond, CA March 22, 2013
I cant say it any other way this cigar is just amazing started out great flavor and followed to the end. decided that i needed to lay down to smoke and enjoy 20 min of paradise. My advice is buy these and make time for them.
jordan in florida March 17, 2013
"Not bad at all"
I'm smoking this now and I must say it really isn't a bad cigar. It's the small skinny version of blondie. Draw is ok and the taste is rather ordinary . Far better than the kuba kuba. Sort of a mild taste to it too
Danny K in Chicago IL January 30, 2013
"tastes like deodorant"
Tastes terrible. Smells good but reminds me of Axe body spray.
Nick in Toledo January 26, 2013
"Best cigar I have had"
It is consistent every time with burn and draw. I love this cigar also because of the amazing kick of flavor when you retrohale it. Mmmm so tasty.
Josh in Illinois December 3, 2012
I liked it very much. Does anything else really matter?
Jerry in Illinois October 26, 2012
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10 Construction (90) 100
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