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Acid Blondie Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"WORST cigar ever!"
By far, the WORST cigar I ve ever sampled. I tossed this waste of time and money at the 1/4 mark. Taste was beyond bad unless you like perfume like chemical toxic crap. The wrapper unraveled as well. If I could give it negative marks, I would! Don t waste your time.
Tom in Charlotte February 12, 2015
This was my 3rd cigar ever smoked, was excited to smoke it but I let it sit in a Ziploc bag for 5 days and I think it ruined the taste a bit. Overall it was good, the wrapper did start to come apart and the last bit was a bit bitter. Would I buy again, probably but I would smoke it a lot sooner.
Hilario in Merced, CA July 10, 2013
"Great smoke!"
I didn't think I would like the Blondie after I took it out of its sleeve and got a good whiff of it. Turns out I loved it, great smoke, will be purchasing more.
n. west in June 19, 2013
"Can't be beat"
This cigar is awesome. I recently was introduced to this cigar by Bob at Binnys in Buffalo Grove and he hit it right on the head with this one!!!! So smooth and rich in flavor and is a delight to smoke. It has no bitter taste and t has a pleasant sweet almost sugar like end taste. This really calms you down after a tough day . I don't understand how people can disregard this cigar but it really is a high quality make. Make sure it's kept at the correct humidity of 70% and you will be fine Note : I do not work for Drew Estate or for Acid but I'm giving an honest opinion and advice. Highly recommended
Danny in Chicago USA January 29, 2013
"Full bodied,flavor,aroma,taste experience !"
Enjoyed this great tasting full bodied smoke,many times over. Bought a box of 24x54 three months ago. Just finished the last one yesterday and ordered another box online.I really enjoy the total experience that this product offers.
Chris in Toms River NJ December 21, 2012
"Not that great"
Not anywhere close to other infused Drew Estate smokes. Probably the worst DE cigar I've smoked. Smells more like cologne than cloves. Smokes okay but pretty harsh aftertaste for a full day after. Won't be in my humidor anymore. Had to touch it up once or twice too.
in November 24, 2012
"New Favorite Smoke"
Have to say I was hesitant to give this one a try, but was very pleasantly surprised. Has a wonderful sweet taste that goes well with almost anything. (Enjoyed mine with a Pepper burger and Stella Artois)Great vanilla like flavor up front and matures into an earthy, herbal flavor. I picked up a hint of cloves as well. Construction was good, with excellent draw. I love this smoke, definitely keeping a couple in the humidor from now on.
Mike in Chattanooga Tn October 5, 2012
"Great Smooth Smoke"
These cigars are solid, they do burn a bit hot but the draw is so smooth, they are constructed very nice and you always get lots of thick creamy smoke, haven't had a bad one yet. Some old school smokers tend to hate on them simply because they are "infused" but you cant take deny that they are made with high quality tobacco and taste great. Yes, they are a tad overpriced but don't let that stop you from trying one and deciding for yourself.
Ron in Chicago September 23, 2012
Put it out after 3 draws. Worst thing I have tasted in years!!!! I don't understand the high praise for this cigar. Absolutely rancid!!!
Chris in Sacramento, CA September 9, 2012
"Suprisingly sweet"
This cigar seemed to have a vanilla twist in it, it was pretty sweet with a nice draw. definitely one of my new favorites.
Henry in Key Largo April 17, 2012
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10 Draw (93) 100
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10 Appearance (93) 100
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10 Taste (89) 100
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10 Construction (87) 100
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