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Acid Blondie Reviews [view details]

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I liked it very much. Does anything else really matter?
Jerry in Illinois October 26, 2012
"Fav. ACID "so far""
a very sweet cigar great for beginers very light and good for a nice smoke with friends not a lot of in depth flavor but very sweet personally you can not go wrong if your in the mood for a nice smoke.
Justin T. in Knetucky July 12, 2012
Its been said and should be said again, you will hate or love these acid cigars. They are a fine departure from classic cigars, or a good introduction to cigars for someone who enjoys sweet creamy favors. Paired with a sweet summer cocktail like a margarita they are delightful, but if you're looking for something to match your classic scotch you should probably look elsewhere. They burn fast for me but I over smoke my cigars, the end is a nice flavorful finish after the powerfully sweet introduction. Burt my lips because i didn't want to put it down on my first blondie.
Tom in Massachusetts July 8, 2012
"Good all around smoke."
Not my first choice but I do really enjoy them. The Blondie makes a great “Wedding Party” smoke. Lasts a long time, has a good draw and the “occasional” smokers like the flavor. I did have a minor issue with some of the “rings” damaging the outer wrapper when removing but that may have been caused by improper storage. Anyway, I like having a few around.
Dan S. in Middletown, CT April 26, 2012
"Just go buy a blunt from 7-11"
Might as well go buy a flavored blunt or swisher sweet, it's the same thing, no finesse in this smoke, why don't they tell you the wrapper is flavored in the description?
Patrick K in Alexandria VA February 8, 2012
"WOW - Great choice for us newbies!"
New to cigars? Still wandering around trying different smokes for the sheer fun of it? Try this Acid Blondie! Not over-flavored, really! Delicious, smooth creamy smoke down the very end and yes I almost burned my fingers because I didn't want it to end... Lasted over an hour - pure pleasure!
MarkusXL in San Jose, CA January 11, 2012
"Excellent cigar"
As soon as I lit my first Blondie I fell in love. It's hard for me to find a strong cigar tat isn't harsh. It last quite a while as compared to cheaper cigars like Phillies Blunts and is just right for me but if you don't have 25-30 minutes to smoke a cigar it's not for you.
Nick E in Denham Springs January 9, 2012
Imagine smoking a clove with two guidos from Jersey who are literally dripping in cologne and you will be close to the "flavor" of these cigars. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
Simon in NC December 19, 2011
"Change of pace smoke...."
...can't say I love 'em, but don't hate them either. Bit expensive - Half the price I'd smoke them twice as much!
in September 1, 2011
"20 years of cigars"
This is not your Grandaddy's White Owl, this is not your fathers Don Tomas. But don't under estimate the quality or pedigree of the Acid brand. The Blondie is a small (25 minute) cigar with big taste and big shoulders. This is the Gen-X cigar if there ever was one. If you don't mind the sweet gum wrapper the tobacco is premium and is infused with the aroma of about a thousand spices. It's complex, smooth, intriguing, and amazing. This is my girl's favorite and it's close cousin the Natural Dirt is my favorite. Try one at least and you may never go back to old school...
Fishbowlfire in Spokane, WA May 6, 2011
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