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Acid Blondie Reviews [view details]

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"Tastes like Perfume"
The Blondie I tried tasted like the inside of an old lady's closet. Not a good first impression, but I am definitely willing to try another smoke by Acid.
Jon in Massachusetts April 13, 2011
"Great Smoke"
First off i was extremely hesitant to smoke a flavored cigar; after trying one of these, im definitely not hesitant anymore. Burn was great, the flavors were fantastic, draw was prefect. The only drawback was that i wished it had lasted longer! Also, the flavored tip blended perfectly with the flavors of the smoke. Nothing was overpowering. A great smoke to change up pace a little.
Jeff B in Indiana March 14, 2011
"Tasty Little Gem"
Acid Blondies are a cigar I treat myself with once in a while, and have done for about the last ten years. They are not so sweet as they are tea-like, in the infusion used, which gives them a mild refreshing flavor. The wrapper is good quality and I like the filler and construction, though I've read a review of the filler that states it's cheap. Not my experience. It's a great, special smoke that's cool and rich. I recommend them highly.
Barba in Seattle February 9, 2011
"Tastes like Candy"
The flavor is too cloyingly sweet, like the old violets candy. Very nice draw and very well constructed; but not for me. I enjoyed CAO Bella Vanilla, and Moontrance better (Moontrance burns weird though).
Jeff C. in South Jersey January 20, 2011
"Excellent puff!"
I got a 5 pack of these today. From the moment I took a whiff of the stick I was pleased. The unlit draw was very flavorful and interesting. Just the right speed... not too tight and enough pull to appreciate it. First puffs were following the same tune. It's a small casual smoke and the infusion of herby flavor is obvious but definitely doesn't take you into a "flavored smoke" zone. I will definitely buy more of these!
Jason Richter in Bristol, CT December 14, 2010
"Great Cigar"
Highly recommended great smoke and flavor...just ordered a box to last me for a while
lawrence in houston,texas December 13, 2010
"Great Cigar"
My first Acid was a Kuba Kuba and I fell in love with Acid cigars. My friend recommended the Blondie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The flavors infused in the cigar were fantastic. I look forward to my next one.
Tim in Mogadore November 29, 2010
"What a Surprise"
WOW! what an interesting flavor experienced in the Blondes. I ordered a 5 pack on a whim and loved the taste. I can see how it wouldn't be for everyone, but if you like a changeup in your smoke, then these are the ones to go for. The ONLY drawback I didn't take notice of were that the Blondies are only 4"! I WANT MORE! So I'm going to try the Cold Infusion Teas next.
Dean in Hawaii November 26, 2010
"Good stuff"
Acid's product is very well constructed throughout the whole line. The spice is the main event for Acid and they are very good at it. You won't be disaapointed.
Don in Krotee November 4, 2010
"I wish I never tried one of these this morning."
A coworker of mine introduced me to a blondie this morning before breakfast. We had a cup of coffee and lit one the next hour I was online ordering not one box, but two, so I would not run out....I can see myself spending a way too much money on this cigar in the future...yes it was sweet, but I like a sweet cigar and this aint no swisher sweet...I am definitely hooked...
Mark Wasson in Kabul, Afghanistan October 22, 2010
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