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Acid Blondie Reviews [view details]

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"Enjoy the Taste"
This cigar is just the right size and taste for me . I have tried many cigars and keep coming back to Blondie
Michael in Florida July 24, 2014
"If you know Acid you know good"
A lot of people write critical things about these cigars. If you look at the description you know what you are getting. I have not had a bad Acid brand cigar or anything from Drew Estate that was less that an 85 rating. Acid Blondie s are a nice sweet and spicy cigar and they fit into a busy life style. I love them.
Bobby C in MO March 11, 2014
"My Favorite Cigar"
This is a nice mild well constructed sick with a flavor that can't be beat. The only problem is that I can't get enough of them!
Eddie in Florida February 24, 2014
"Fantastic Blend"
I tend to smoke slower than my friends so these are the perfect size. Great balanced background flavors which enhances the tobacco rather than trying to cover it up.
Adam in Davenport, IA February 13, 2014
"Great Cigar for a Manly Man!"
Don't give me that. Its a flavored cigar, whine. This is a damn good cigar, and I am a hard charging, worldwide operating, find it, fight it, and leave it in pain type of guy. These cigars rock, period, and I take em everywhere and share them with the other OAF guys. They love em too. Plus they go great with scotch, single malt, of course.
J. Day in Tennessee January 30, 2014
"Not for me!"
This cigar was far too candy-ish for me. I don't mind a sweet cigar, but this was far too sugary for me.
Jeff H. in Sheboygan, WI January 7, 2014
"taste like cough medicine"
Yuk, too sweet! Reminds me of candy cigarettes when I was a kid, but dipped in Brandy. Not to my liking. Should change the name to Blonde Sugar or Candy Stick. Taste like cough medicine.
D.R. in LA, New York December 7, 2013
"Agh... it was so so"
It was pretty good, a lot like smoking a large clove. It was good, but nothing i would jump for. My wife enjoyed the sweetness but hated the after taste. I might try more if they make a price drop.
A.j. in White Sands Missle Range September 17, 2013
"did not like it !!!!!"
I had this cigar for the first time to day , and i must say it left a bad taste, i was disappointed, if you like a permeant cinnamon taste . Go for it . i will not be ordering any more......
ANTHONY in Queens NY July 31, 2013
"Sweet Cigar"
This cigar is mild and sweet. Taste of honey and clove is tasted. Not bad.
Anthony in California May 24, 2013
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10 Construction (90) 100
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