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Acid C-Note Reviews [view details]

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"Good Smoke, but...."
Good smoke but after a couple weeks my lungs started to hurt. Also smoked other Acid gars, same results. Too bad, really did like them.
Keith in San Diego, CA November 5, 2009
"Tasty treat."
I'm just a novice, but this was a tasty smoke. The ash fell off maybe three times and was white with gray rings. I wasn't expecting thick blue smoke from such a small cigar. The taste was a sweet pepper that got feisty at the end. It burned evenly the whole time and only went out once because I left it sitting too long. It went perfectly with the Guinness I was drinking. I just wished it could of lasted longer...
Karen in Columbia, SC May 1, 2009
"Pure Fluff"
I wanted to try Acid cigars to see what the hub-bub was all about, so I thought I would try the inexpensice C-Notes to check out the line. These are not cigars -- they remind me of the Glade plug-ins that my wife puts in our electric outlets. Stay away if you are a REAL cigar smoker.
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC December 11, 2008
"Acids are most addicting - senses overload"
The flavors are very different from any others. Kubas, c-notes, mings,atoms,blondies, 1400's, nasties,ronins--there all good.
Dr. Paul in Los Angeles October 7, 2008
"Did not live up to the hype"
The c-note is a very quick smoke...Good small cigar..But way over priced.
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq March 28, 2008
"quick break"
This little cigar is a nice quick break from my usual sticks. I found the first half to be boring and overly sweet. At about the half-way point it started to get a bit spicy. The spice mixed with the sweetness and the pleasant aroma made the last 7 minutes interesting and quite rewarding..however,they are way over priced!
TD in Casper Wy January 9, 2008
"Tasty with a Bite"
I discovered Acid cigars just a month ago with a box of Blondies. I fell in love with them only after smoking a few (see my review after smoking just one!) and since have sampled most of the others in the Acid lineup. I liked the flavor and sweetness of the C-Note at first, but I have found after smoking a few that there is a subtle spiceyness not unlike that of white pepper in the aftertaste that bites my mouth. Some may find this character agreeable; I do not. While I will not buy a box of these, I will smoke them in the samplers.
Mark Allen Galbreath in Annapolis, MD December 19, 2007
very excelent short smoke the aroma is pleasing.
Luke in Mass. April 2, 2007
"Very Quick"
You can blow through one of these in a few minutes. I like a cigar with some meat to it. These aren't for me. I would rather grab a blondie if I want a quick smoke. These burn a little hot - but does have flavor - especially consindering its size.
Mike in California February 13, 2005
"Not for the true cigar smoker"
I heard these were great but my opinion is that these at best are for the first time somker. Not to knock them all the way, my cousins thought they were great. To me they get away from what a cigar is all about.
Derek F in Fairfield CA December 9, 2004
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