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"For A Short Sweet Cigar You Can't Beat It."
When cigarette breaks aren't long enough but a full blown cigar session isn't practical, and you'd like a Blondie but don't have 40 minutes to smoke, this is just right. C-notes smoke for 18-22 minutes each, meaning 100 minutes for a 5-pack at half the price per minute compared to Blondies. Plenty of smoke for a tiny stick! Set it down for two minutes and it goes out, so you don't waste it when your break is interrupted! For less than $1 per stick, about 3x the price of a cigarette, you get 10 times the flavor and enjoyment; and it lasts twice as long as a cigarette. You ll drop the cigarette habit and you won t look back. No more toxic additives either. Women think they smell nice, not like cigars, but the smoking flavor is comparable to cigars. Get a 5-pack and try it out - you might be surprised at what you've been missing!
Regular Joe in Los Angeles November 24, 2014
"Sickly sweet but a unique flowery taste"
I have smoked C-notes fairly regularly for close to a year and have found no substantial differences between different batches, it seems they always have that overly apparent sweetness for the first few minutes of smoking that gives way to an almost floral and a tad earthy taste. Perhaps it is the particular curing process acid uses that imparts that unique taste but I haven't found that specific floral effect in any other acid product, or any other cigar for that matter. C-notes always look like they were rolled by someone with only four fingers, and some look remarkably thinner than others even in the same package and I almost always get tobacco in my mouth from these; that being said, I find these so unique in flavor and aroma that I make a point to smoke them in my truck whenever I can so I can be reminded of them whenever I drive.
Armand in Nevada August 26, 2013
"Its a Smooth and Flavorful quick smoke"
Its a smooth and flavorful quick smoke; I like this one a lot. If they were cheaper, which I think they should be - I'd buy a whole lot more. I like these just behind the Blondie.
in July 24, 2013
"Bad Acid Trip"
This whole line reminds me of what a head shop smelled like back in the 70s. They are just bad.
D.T. in Indiana July 5, 2013
"Good at First"
It was a good smoke however they gave me a massive headache after smoking.
in March 27, 2013
"not for me"
It burned quick and hot for a little guy left a really long lasting bad flavor in my mouth would rather spend a little more and buy some Toast or Nasty packs.
jordan in florida March 17, 2013
"a web and graphic artist."
I thought it was good. Pretty sweet to the taste, and but also kinda oaky. I enjoyed it, but I dont need to smoke much more. Definitely a quick smoke.
Nathan in Florida January 8, 2013
"Least favorite of the Acid brand"
The C Note was a big let down from Acid. I thought they would be a great treat, but they are my least favorite acid I have tried. It's too bad the cigarillos can't be a complex as an acid toast!
Jon C in Kansas City October 22, 2012
"Great for a quick smoke"
These are my favorite to smoke for this those moments where you can't smoke a full cigar. Taste way better than smoking Swisher's which to me taste like cardboard.
Cortes in Texas July 23, 2012
"Get what you pay for"
Not bad, not great. Spend a little bit more and get a 5 pack of the blondies.
Mike in Reno May 22, 2012
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10 Construction (78) 100
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