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Acid Reviews

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Acid Deep Dish
"It is like a bigger ring gauge Blondie"
The flavor is very much like a Acid Blondie Belicoso with a looser draw and of course longer burn time. It takes a little more work to get lit with the loose draw and large size but nothing I d ding it for. I ll keep one in the humidor!
Shawnz in Peoria, AZ February 22, 2015
Acid 1400cc
"cigar dipped in hand sanitizer."
A lot of people like these...I do not.
Matthew in TN February 17, 2015
Acid Blondie Belicoso
"WORST cigar ever!"
By far, the WORST cigar I ve ever sampled. I tossed this waste of time and money at the 1/4 mark. Taste was beyond bad unless you like perfume like chemical toxic crap. The wrapper unraveled as well. If I could give it negative marks, I would! Don t waste your time.
Tom in Charlotte February 12, 2015
Acid Kuba Kuba
"Aspartame anyone?"
If you enjoy diet coke and the smell of glade air freshener, please proceed. If you however prefer a traditional fermented tobacco flavor, I strongly recommend passing on this smoke. I burned it for less than 1 minute before sending it to the graveyard.
Art Vandelay in St. Aug, FL January 24, 2015
Acid Kuba Maduro
This is the first and only cigar I could not entertain the idea of enjoying. I put my lips on it, and tasted aspartame like diet coke . Not for the discerning.
Art V. in St. Aug, FL January 21, 2015
Acid Nasty
"Worth A Try"
This one isn't a sweet ACID like I had tried before. This one had more floral potpourri smell, but in a strange good way. It isn't one I'd go for all the time but one I'd buy a single of again just to have around. Had it with a cup of coffee and the combination was perfectly matched in my opinion.
DS in Savannah December 13, 2014
Acid Kuba Kuba
"A Flavored Cigar. Not for everyone."
Famous sent me one of these as a bonus with a purchase. Never had tried one, and, truthfully, won't again. I like cigars, but I like the flavor of the tobaccos used in their making. Acid cigars have some type of coating or flavoring that dominates the taste and aroma of the cigar. Some will love that. I didn't.
Bob W. in Little Rock, Arkansas December 11, 2014
Acid Kuba Kuba
"Acid In My Humidor"
I tried one of these on the recommendation from a local cigar shop. I now buy a 5 pack with my routine purchases. The wrapper and smoke have a smooth, sweet taste mixed with a dark bold richness. They seem to go out pretty easy, so keep your fire handy.
Adam in San Diego November 26, 2014
Acid Kuba Kuba
"OMG! Really?"
If you are a true cigar smoker this is NOT a cigar for you! It smelled as if it had been doused in cologne of some type, just the taste of the wrapper against my lips was so sweet I could barely stand it. If you truly love the flavor of a premium cigar, rolled with premium tobacco. Steer clear of these. It is NOT a pure leaf premium cigar. If on the other hand you want to look like you know what you re doing, it is a nicely rolled cigar. It just doesn t taste like one. I couldn t even take a third draw before I had to throw it out.
Philip H in V.P. IL November 25, 2014
Acid C-Note
"For A Short Sweet Cigar You Can't Beat It."
When cigarette breaks aren't long enough but a full blown cigar session isn't practical, and you'd like a Blondie but don't have 40 minutes to smoke, this is just right. C-notes smoke for 18-22 minutes each, meaning 100 minutes for a 5-pack at half the price per minute compared to Blondies. Plenty of smoke for a tiny stick! Set it down for two minutes and it goes out, so you don't waste it when your break is interrupted! For less than $1 per stick, about 3x the price of a cigarette, you get 10 times the flavor and enjoyment; and it lasts twice as long as a cigarette. You ll drop the cigarette habit and you won t look back. No more toxic additives either. Women think they smell nice, not like cigars, but the smoking flavor is comparable to cigars. Get a 5-pack and try it out - you might be surprised at what you've been missing!
Regular Joe in Los Angeles November 24, 2014
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
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