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Acid Reviews

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Acid Blondie
"Enjoy the Taste"
This cigar is just the right size and taste for me . I have tried many cigars and keep coming back to Blondie
Michael in Florida July 24, 2014
Acid Kuba Grande
"Bad Burn"
Bad Burn
RS in Lapeer, MI May 21, 2014
Acid 1400cc
"A keeper in the humi!!"
I have not had a Drew Estate Cigar that I did not love. If you are a beginner the 1400 is perfect. If have been smoking for years and never tried one, get one and enjoy something a little different but still an excellent smoke.
Brad in Texas May 3, 2014
Acid Liquid
"Dull for an Acid"
This is the worst ACID in the line up. It's very bland, although constructed well. This is more a traditional cigar than infused. As if it's a regular stick that was hanging out in the humidor between 2 Nasty's.
Charles in Versailles, KY May 2, 2014
Acid Deep Dish 5 Pack
"My #1 Favorite Smokes!"
You either like infused cigars or you don't. If you do then Acids are #1 and far above all others! If your a traditional cigar smoker then you probably won't like them. It's, as simple, as that!
Goble in Lexington, Ky April 19, 2014
Acid Nasty
"One my favorites"
First purchased one from a local smoke shop. Thought I d try something different and I wasn t disappointed. Ones of my favorite smokes. An acquired taste.
Mac in Pittsburgh April 13, 2014
Acid Nasty
"They named this 1 right"
Up until this I liked every Acid/Drew Estate cigar I tried. After a few minutes I had to get rid of it.
Jerry in Detroit April 3, 2014
Acid Atom
"Not fantastic"
I could not get a consistent burn out of this cigar, and it was a chore to keep it lit. The burn was not very sharp, and I found myself having to do double, even triple puffs to keep it lit. Flavorwise, it was nothing special. I didn t get any unique flavors out of this, just your standard tobacco flavor. Of the Acid s I ve tried, it is not my favorite.
Austin in New England April 1, 2014
Acid Kuba Deluxe
"Very good Cigar"
Great cigar ! Only one complaint, toward the middle a couple started to unravel. Otherwise I enjoyed all ten.
Ron in Midland, Texas March 27, 2014
Acid Toast
"Perfect Car Freshener"
Drew Estate is definitely the pinnacle of infused cigars, unfortunately I think they just mixed the leftover flavors with the over fermented tobacco and called this cigar good. Bottom line, if you're looking for a car freshener, this cigar is for you. Otherwise save the money and get a good cigar.
MJDAVIS in New York March 25, 2014
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