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Acid Reviews

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Acid Kuba Kuba
"Have yet to find one better"
I'm relatively new with the cigar world and still exploring. I've tried a good 30 various cigars so far and after every one so far I say I should have bought a Kuba Kuba instead. They caught my eye 2 years ago and as an occasional cigar smoker buying from various shops I've never had a problem with taste, burn, draw, etc. Always have been smooth. Great cigar. Those classy smokers can go ahead and stick with their dirt tasting cigars and I'll take these. Finger licking good!!
Rhys in Hopkins, MN December 27, 2013
Acid 1400cc
Taste of the smoke was deep and leathery with a mild sweetness to it. Sounds odd but it was wonderful, it mixed so well together and I couldn't get enough.
Lewis in CT December 18, 2013
Acid Toast
"Hands Down Worst Ever, multiple issues"
As soon as I took a whiff of this smoke, it smelled of clove and spice, but I knew I was trying something that bragged it s not a cigar, it s an Acid , so I was OK with this. The wrapper tasted really strong when I put it in my mouth, and when I lit it up, I could tell the difference immediately. I did not care for the taste, but just because I didn t doesn t mean you won t. The problems began with the draw. The draw was horrendous. Then at times it would draw fine, and then switch back to no draw at all again, as if in layers. Then there s the burn issues. Uneven doesn t even describe it. It burned in spirals all the way down; I ve never seen anything like it. Its really hard to describe. The wrapper burnt round and round the cigar like a candy cane! Also required 3 or 4 relights. Because I had to toke on this abomination so hard, it quickly started to overheat, and the nasty taste became even worse, which I didn t think was possible. I still can t get the taste out of my mouth. BEWARE OF THIS SMOKE. It s not a cigar, it s a turd.
Snakebite December 7, 2013
Acid Blondie
"taste like cough medicine"
Yuk, too sweet! Reminds me of candy cigarettes when I was a kid, but dipped in Brandy. Not to my liking. Should change the name to Blonde Sugar or Candy Stick. Taste like cough medicine.
D.R. in LA, New York December 7, 2013
Acid Deep Dish
"My favorite cigar..."
Hands down my favorite cigar. If you prefer your cigars big and sweet with a loose draw like I do, you will love this one. It burns consistently well. I find my cigar smoking buddies either love it or hate it, depending on whether they like their cigars sweet or not. Other cigars I like are the Blondie Bellicoso, the Tabac Especiale Robusto, the 1400cc, the Kuba Kuba, the Java Latte and Java Maduro, and the Dirt Torpedo. If you like any of these, give the Deep dish a try, you won t be disappointed.
Zelda in Millstone Twp., NJ December 7, 2013
Acid Krush Cameroon (10)
"Way Too Sweet"
Upon putting your lips to the wrapper you re assaulted by an artificial strawberry like flavor, combine that with awkward aftertaste and you have a sweet/dirty taste in your mouth that will never mix well. I enjoy most of the Acid cigarillo selections but this is terrible.
Lewis in CT December 5, 2013
Acid Krush Sumatra (10)
"Mild and Fulfilling"
They have a traditional taste, not sweet but a mild flavor that is smooth and consistent. The aftertaste is decent, not harsh or overpowering. A nice mild cigar for any occasion.
Lewis in CT December 5, 2013
Acid Krush Morado Maduro (10)
"Sharp and Lingering"
First time I tried it I loved it, had a deep texture to it with a dark complex flavor that was earthy. After that cigar the rest had a harsh taste and left a displeasing aftertaste. So if you re lucky to get a few good ones they are an experience.
Lewis in CT December 5, 2013
Acid Extra Ordinary Larry
"Big Cigar..Big Taste"
I gave this cigar all tens!! Great taste and if you like big cigars this is just about as good as it gets. The construction is very sound and I like to drive on trips savoring before lighting!!
BigStanUp in Tennessee November 26, 2013
Acid 1400cc
"A bucket of cheap perfume"
I stick to the mild side, but here the producers went overboard with aromathizing. They soaked each stick in some cheap, Justin Bieberry kind of perfume that spreads six feet away well before one starts smoking it.
Nik in Illinois October 27, 2013
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