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Acid Reviews

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Acid Kuba Deluxe
"Very good Cigar"
Great cigar ! Only one complaint, toward the middle a couple started to unravel. Otherwise I enjoyed all ten.
Ron in Midland, Texas March 27, 2014
Acid Toast
"Perfect Car Freshener"
Drew Estate is definitely the pinnacle of infused cigars, unfortunately I think they just mixed the leftover flavors with the over fermented tobacco and called this cigar good. Bottom line, if you're looking for a car freshener, this cigar is for you. Otherwise save the money and get a good cigar.
MJDAVIS in New York March 25, 2014
Acid Blondie
"If you know Acid you know good"
A lot of people write critical things about these cigars. If you look at the description you know what you are getting. I have not had a bad Acid brand cigar or anything from Drew Estate that was less that an 85 rating. Acid Blondie s are a nice sweet and spicy cigar and they fit into a busy life style. I love them.
Bobby C in MO March 11, 2014
Acid Blondie
"My Favorite Cigar"
This is a nice mild well constructed sick with a flavor that can't be beat. The only problem is that I can't get enough of them!
Eddie in Florida February 24, 2014
Acid Kuba Kuba
"My new fav"
A friend told me about the kuba kuba. It was similar to the Java Latte also by Drew Estate, but the make, draw and overall experience is better with the kuba. It s my new go to!
VY February 17, 2014
Acid Blondie
"Fantastic Blend"
I tend to smoke slower than my friends so these are the perfect size. Great balanced background flavors which enhances the tobacco rather than trying to cover it up.
Adam in Davenport, IA February 13, 2014
Acid Blondie
"Great Cigar for a Manly Man!"
Don't give me that. Its a flavored cigar, whine. This is a damn good cigar, and I am a hard charging, worldwide operating, find it, fight it, and leave it in pain type of guy. These cigars rock, period, and I take em everywhere and share them with the other OAF guys. They love em too. Plus they go great with scotch, single malt, of course.
J. Day in Tennessee January 30, 2014
Acid Krush 4 Tin Assortment
"Try them"
Wrote this just due to the few bad reviews. if you re a traditional cigar smoker acid may not be for you, all acid cigars are sweet, purple the most kinda tasting like a deep sweet grape/purple drink flavor, red is earthy and robust, gold is the standard if you will and has a bold sweet herbal/botanical/tobacco taste that is like none other, blue is sweet and i'm kinda musky but not bad. They are all GREAT if you understand they are cigarillos, all acid cigars are cured with botanicals giving them a VERY unique smell you usually know an acid cigar when you smell it they smell amazing and far outclass other Sweet cigarillos you must 1. be okay or even like the idea of a better made sweet cigar and 2. be okay with the herbally goodness that makes an acid cigar and acid cigar, if you pass both of those you will prob love them, if you don't you will prob hate them bottom line:nothing else out there like an acid cigar due to the herbs/botanical in the curing if you re okay with trying a very sweet and powerfully flavored cigar get them...personally I love them
matt in ma January 13, 2014
Acid 1400cc
"No thank you"
I genuinely feel the Acid line is over rated. Drew Estates makes some very fine sticks. The Acid line is too far away from hints of anything. The use of cloves in most of the Acid cigars is overwhelming and detracts from the quality of the tobacco they use. Their coffee line is far mellower, tastier and less gimmicky. Isla del Sol, Javas, or the Tabak Especials are much better tasting and far less overpowering..... I have not enjoyed a single Acid cigar yet!
Jeff H. in Sheboygan, WI January 7, 2014
Acid Blondie
"Not for me!"
This cigar was far too candy-ish for me. I don't mind a sweet cigar, but this was far too sugary for me.
Jeff H. in Sheboygan, WI January 7, 2014
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