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Acid Reviews

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Acid Kuba Kuba
"Great Experience"
I got this cigar in a sampler. The cigar has a strange spicy smell. I thought I was not going to like it. However, I smoked the cigar until my fingers burned. Great taste, easy draw, and great burn. Will buy again.
Joe in Maryland October 14, 2013
Acid Kuba Kuba
"Strangely awful!"
This is one strange cigar in that it looks, feels, and behaves almost perfectly. As if it were a creation of an artificial amalgamation of tobacco-like particles. Notice that the write up does not say 100% tobacco. Is it possible? And the taste is aseptic to be kind. It taste like sucking on a eucalyptus stick. What kind of "tobacco" needs so much camouflage? These were sent to me as samples from JR Cigars. No thanks!
Hovhannes in Los Angeles, ca October 11, 2013
Acid Kuba Kuba
"Nice cigar"
Construction is perfect, razor sharp burn, what i didnt like about the cigar is the too much sweet candy like taste, but after the 1/2 way point, it was aromatic, with a congac taste %26 smell, love that part of this cigar..
Raz in Israel October 10, 2013
Acid Toast
"Great Smoke"
I'm not a huge fan of sweet dipped cigars, BUT, this one was just right.
Sean O in Upstate NY October 8, 2013
Acid Wafe
I'm still new to stogies, but this was tasty. I have mostly been smoking cigarillos size, but this made me want to try full size Acid. I enjoyed and have 4 more and that makes me happy.
m. winter in Hawaii October 6, 2013
Acid Kuba Kuba
I've made it through some cheap cigars that weren't the best tasting, but I was desperate for a smoke. I saw this in a nearby shop's humidor and figured I'd give it shot. I'm writing this still trying to get the taste out of my mouth. Probably the worst cigar I've tasted outside of stuff you buy in a 7-Eleven. No, it's worse. I can get through one of those. This? One puff was yuk, the second was that it must be a mistake and there wasn't a third. I tossed it into the bushes by the side of my deck. It was like smoking cotton candy. It seemed to burn nice for the few moments I had it lit. It was well constructed, but simply awful.
Brian in Kinnelon NJ October 2, 2013
Acid Roam
"I wish I could afford a truckload of these"
Flavor is amazing. So smooth.
Nick in Amarillo, TX September 29, 2013
Acid Earthiness
Great flavor start to finish. This little stick packs a flavorful, pleasant punch!
Cliff in Toms River, NJ September 27, 2013
Acid Deep Dish
"WHAT? It's good, these review are unreal?"
One reviewer states it tastes like a Kuba, but recommends you buy other Blue line cigars.... OK? Explain that one to me please..... Almost all the blues taste similar.... Other reviewer(s) complain about it being sweet.... OK? Acids are SWEET, all are, some more than others, expect it or smoke another type of cigar. No this does NOT TASTE LIKE A SWISHER SWEET IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY. More reviewer(s) complain about cutting it, punching it, yes you can punch it, if you know how to punch properly you'll have no issues. With the cutter... OF COURSE if you're using a cutter that maxes out at 50RG you're going to have issues, I cut mine with a 60RG cutter with NO ISSUES, was just a bit careful with it, but I got a perfect cut. Okay all the review aside that bothered me, but at least these review weren't the usual complaining about it an Acid being just what it's intended to be, comparing them to potpourri (99.9% of them can't spell potpourri to begin with) and I have never in my life smelled a potpourri that smelled like an acid. I only had one of these so I can't really rate the consistency, but my burn was a little off at one point, however this is an oddly shaped smoke so I don't fault it for that. It had a fantastic draw and flavor throughout. It was sweet in the beginning, very sweet actually, I understand where the sweet complaints are coming from, but it soon faded into a balanced Acidy flavor less than an inch in. They're good, I don't know where these wacky complaints are coming from. It is what it is, and you know that going into it. It's a large oddly shaped acid blue, and it delivers exactly what you can imagine that delivering...
Anon Cigar Smoker in North America September 20, 2013
Acid Blondie
"Agh... it was so so"
It was pretty good, a lot like smoking a large clove. It was good, but nothing i would jump for. My wife enjoyed the sweetness but hated the after taste. I might try more if they make a price drop.
A.j. in White Sands Missle Range September 17, 2013
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