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Acid Cold Infusion Reviews [view details]

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"Don't care for it."
I tried this once and fairly enjoyed it. Second time around, the smell of the wrapper alone reminded me of perfume but it was damaged anyway so I figured I'd smoke it away. The taste was just too artificial for me. I have a couple more in the humi so some day I guess I'll give it another chance. That wrapper smell was terrible though...
Chris in November 1, 2011
"Very Good"
First things that came to mind after my first few puffs were green tea and lemon. Very nice cigar. If you like the Acid Blondie, you will like this.
Jay in Massachusetts September 13, 2011
"Best cigar I have smoked in a long time, loved it!"
I ordered these cigars based on the reviews and they did not disappoint. The are by far the most flavorful cigar I have smoked in a long time. I will be ordering more and shipping some to my son overseas so that our Military can enjoy them as well. Why should we have all the fun.
Eric D in Western MA September 1, 2011
"Loved it"
This is the best flavored cigars i have ever smoked
in May 17, 2011
"Better than expected"
In one word...Wow! This cigar was better than I expected. it was smooth, a little sweet, and amazing from end to end. I will buy these again.
Cory in Michigan March 24, 2011
"my new favorite cigar"
the only way I can describe this cigar is that its like smoking an orgasm
Val in ESVA March 19, 2011
"OH YEA!!!"
This cigar from Drew Estate was a pleasure to smoke. Very relaxing, good draw, good burn, and excellent taste. Enjoyed the sweet taste, everyone should have one in there humidor...
steve in new mexico December 15, 2010
"Smoothest taste of Acid Great Smoke"
Smoothest taste of The Acid line I think. Burns great, not overpowering sweetness, great aroma. Well worth the price of admission!
Matt in Nebraska November 8, 2010
"Surprisingly good."
Lately I have been in a bit of a cigar rut. I really needed something different. So for my first time since I tried the Kuba Kuba with rather poor results I picked up the Cold Infusion. I was pleasantly surprised for sure. The sweetness of the flavoring was not over powering at all. The burn was dagger sharp, and almost perfectly even. Not even close to needing a touch up. The ash was white, with no flowering what so ever. For a smaller ring gauge cigar the draw was very nice, and smoke production was really good too. My only complaint was the amount of glue on the small band underneath the large Acid band, it removes just a little bit of the wrapper when I removed it. One of the rare occasions that I didn't put a cigar out until it started burning my lips.
James in Michigan September 15, 2010
"Tight draw but pleasant"
Received the Acid Sampler Tin on my birthday after discovering how interesting their cigars are. Smoked the Cold Tea this evening at a drive-in movie. I was disappointed in the draw and I prefer a larger ring gauge. I found I had trouble getting my usual volume of smoke. However, despite these problems it was a typical Acid smoke: pleasant and flavorful. Not sure if I'd buy these over other cigars in the line though.
Michael C in Storrs, CT August 12, 2010
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